the BEACON Newspaper, Indiana beacon5-18 - Page 12

Page 12A G THE BEACON W In the OOD OLD DAYS May 2018 W levee would keep them safe hat's and dry. As the river rose Happening In expectations, the above family decided to be cautious LOGAN hat's Happening In Milan and went to Buddy’s house. By Third Street was higher than By First Street, and the river Myrtle Susan By White Cottingham was approaching the top of Editor’s note- Jeanie One of our the levee. If the levee was readers has taken the time Community Community (Hurley) breached, they did not want to Correspondent Correspondent to share family memories of get their feet wet. Smith the 1937 flood. I am sure you So there they were... Uncle Buddy and Uncle will enjoy his story as much waiting. The sky was dark Charles helped run the as I do. when they heard the noise- a family store. sound like a waterfall. You hat's The Unexpected- the Ohio River rose. The hat's could hear it all over town. Happening In pages Rep. Lyness Student Happening In pouring over the It always happens rising river was not a concern Water was MOORES HILL The year was 1936, and because the flood in 1917 AURORA at the Statehouse top of the levee. The family hat's it was a good year. My had taught Lawrenceburg a Area students recently joined State Representative Happening In was thankful to be at a higher By grandparents were leading lesson. In fact, the 1917 flood elevation Randy Lyness as House pages. They toured government than their house on By DILLSBORO Linda staff with daily duties, and joined Rep. a happy life. They lived on cost my great-grandmother offices, helped Fred Street. Even if flood Third Ickenroth First Street in Lawrenceburg, three houses near the corner Lyness on the House floor during the legislative session. Schmits waters got to floor level, they had four children (two By boys of Third and Walnut Streets. Participating students shown above were Dylan Collett Community could go safely to the second Community and two girls), and ran Paul a Because of the devastation Correspondent from Liberty, Bailey Harvey from Brookville, Taylor floor of Buddy’s house. Filter of & caused by the 1917 flood, the Correspondent grocery store at the corner Pinkerton from Liberty, and Codey Redd, from Liberty. It wasn’t long before that Mary Third and Front Streets. Lou My city of Lawrenceburg built a Rep. Lyness encourages students aged 13 to 18 to move was necessary. My grandmother was the meat levee, and the citizens lived consider participating as a page during the 2019 session. Powers ancestors climbed to the cutter, and my two uncles snugly in their little nest while second floor and watched Community helped run the Correspondents store. Uncle wild Ohio rose and fell. the water encroaching on the working while my grandfather flood of 1937 because those hat's George, nicknamed Buddy, January 1937 came. The hat's grocery store across the street. retired on Social Security. experiences are so traumatic. Happening In was recently married and lived mighty Ohio rose again and Happening In They could see the moonlight I could GREENDALE not believe he Change happens all the across Front Street from the kept rising. My grandfather MANCHESTER reflect from flood waters that could quit working and the time, but slowly. We do not Happening grocery store. hat's Life was good. watched it nervously but were washing the grocery government would send him remember the grief of slow In as the By Winter came and, usual, thought that certainly, the store’s shelves with dirty a check. I was very young but change. The uncomfortable By Shirley WhitewaterTw Christina water. saw an opportunity. I asked parts of change are having Seitz p Franklin Poth They were lucky- the water him whether I could just retire to do things differently, or St. John Community with him since he had all that dealing with people who are did not flood the second floor By Community Correspondent Lutheran Church free money coming in. That different, of styles changing of Buddy’s house, but it came Linda Correspondent Hall did not work. (don’t tell my wife I don’t close. My mother went to the 4937 State Route 48 at Bellair, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 I suppose time has a way need to wear a tie,) of second-floor window facing Pastor Matthew Voyer, STS of making everything work technology changing the ways High Street and sat on the Office 812-537-2865 • Cell 812-577-2407 Community out. 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