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21,000 distribution & growing! To advertise, call 812-637-0660 THE INSIDE The BEACON Salute to the Military Five veterans are noted for their service to our com- munity and country. Pages 6-7 BEACON PUBLISHED MONTHLY SINCE 1994 Dec. 2017 Area Residents' Efforts Touch Lives Across the World Aurora was recently filled with busy bees who donated a mere one and a half hours of their time to make a huge im- pact on lives around the world. They joined together at St. Mary's Activity Center and partnered with Love the Hungry to package much-needed meals for starving children around the world. Thanks to the coordination efforts of Sharon Hunger and Teresa Brown, the opportunity for area resi- dents to make such a worldwide impact has been an annual event since 2011. One hundred twenty-five area residents gathered with the staff of Love the Hungry, Inc. to assemble nutrient-rich meals for starving children and adults world- wide. Over 36,000 servings were assembled and packaged in this short period. Love the Hungry, Inc. is owned by Lawrenceburg's na- tive son, Dale Oelker, and his wife, Tonja. Dale and Tonja started Love the Hungry because they had traveled the world and had seen firsthand the extreme poverty that ex- ists. Having been a part of similar charitable events in the past, the Oelkers wanted to use their gifts to "give back" and help those in dire need. "It's our goal not just to help kids survive, but we want them to thrive," stated Mr. Oelker. Love the Hungry provides the components of fortified food rich in nutrients that can be cooked with a few cups of water. Twenty-one vitamins and minerals, along with twelve grams of protein, are in each serving. These nutrient-rich meals can alleviate and reverse the effects of malnutrition in young children. The process consists of stations set up to accommodate eleven people who put together the components of a meal. The result is a pouch that will feed six individuals. Ensuring that the meals reach those in need is a continual challenge and requires the establishment of good relation- ships and trust with non-corrupt government entities. Often the end goal is to get these meals to schools and orphan- ages in areas such as South Sudan, Haiti, West Africa, and Central America that are torn apart by war and civil unrest. Many of the relationships that have been cultivated by Dale and Tonja are with faith-based, non-government organiza- tions that have been vigorously vetted and share similar goals to help the impoverished. Results of efforts to deliver these meals and ensure that they reach the right hands are measured through word of mouth and videos shared through modern technology. The goal of this year's event held in Aurora was to create meals for those in need in Puerto Rico. “This is our seventh year of having this event, and it was a great success,’ stated Continued on page 3 Thousands Benefit from DAC Grant History & Community A rare opportunity to tour one of the area's most his- toric structures. Page 8 Family Sorghum Mill Ripley County's sweet secret. Page 9 (photo by Kelsey Halpain) The beauty of the Park Dearborn County Park Board encourages volun- teers and visitors. Page 20 Aurora Red Devils Class of 1972 shared old memories and made new ones on a float in the 2017 Aurora Farmers Fair Parade.(photo by Kelsey Halpain) Festivals, Fairs, and Fun! Southeast Indiana was filled with fes- tivities this fall. Great weather made all of the events even better. Danielle Clements was smiling ear-to-ear at the Navy Bean Festival Pam and Dan Inman enjoyed Rising Sun's Navy Bean Festival with Myla, Jes- sica, and Conner Offill. Sean, Laura, Jim, Sean, and Bebe Kinnett took advantage of the great weather and attended the first annual Beer Bands and BABA-Q. Next year's event is already shaping up to be bigger and better! The City of Lawrenceburg was re- cently awarded a grant for the rehabili- tation of the Dearborn Adult Center by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Community Development Block Grant awarded to the city is designed to spur economic revitalization through the improve- ment of community facilities typically located in rural communities to ensure health and safety while improving citizens' quality of life. Built over twenty-one years ago, the Dearborn Adult Center (DAC) has grown to serve so much more than just the residents of Dearborn County. Seniors from Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley, Franklin, and Switzerland counties take part in programs and services offered at the DAC such as Silver Sneakers exercise classes, colored pencil classes, and Tai Chi. Over one thousand people take advantage of all that the DAC has to offer each week. Participants range in age from 55 to 100 years of age. The staff and coordi- nators are dedicated to accommodat- ing everyone with programs including karaoke, bridge, line dancing, bingo, pool, and billiards, just to name a few. Every Friday evening area residents enjoy a Jamboree hosted by the DAC featuring a dance with a live band. In an effort to promote teamwork for the benefit of area residents, the DAC partners with Lifetime Resources and Ridgewood to provide a meal site for Continued on page 3 The History of the Grand Carnegie Hall Continues By Susan Ray Although the school bell is now silent and the halls are mostly empty, the stories and music of a community con- tinue to fill Carnegie Hall, a statuesque landmark located just off SR350, in the town of Moores Hill. Completed in 1908, this impressive structure was the second and smaller of two educational buildings on the Moores Hill College campus. The men and women who were fortunate enough to at- tend twentieth-century classes in the stately building still recall the marble steps leading into the main hallway, and the thick velvet drapes in the acoustically balanced audi- torium. Alumni Gary Nor 2&767BvFFR&B'W&&rb&&6G2RB2fVrW662`vvW&R6R6FFR&Vv&WGW&F6&VvPFV6V&W""FW&f&gVB&6r66W'BGW"ЦrFRVvFW"V֖&vƲƖFWfVB"&6B( F2VFF&Vv2'VBf"FR6W7F726vRfRFVWFR2Fv( RVBFv&BFP&W22&VVRFFR7FFVǒB&VWFgV6&VvR66RG26&W'7FRv2Br7FvRB6FVVB( ėN( 2RbFR&W7B6W2v^( fRWfW VBR67FBFR&6BFƲBV"@6FVVBvR@DR$T4fW"#&VFW'2Bw&vr6fW&rFV&&&&Wg&ƖB6VFW2FBFV&'6VFW2