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21,000 distribution & growing! To advertise, call 812-637-0660 THE INSIDE The BEACON BEACON PUBLISHED MONTHLY SINCE 1994 Courthouse Annex is Now Open to the Public The Dearborn County Courthouse Annex is nearing completion. What began as a vision to address the limita- tions and security issues surrounding the one hundred forty- five-year-old courthouse has become a reality. Originally built in 1873, the Dearborn County Courthouse was bursting at the seams. The much-needed space created by the new Annex allows for access between court services and the administration. Having one main entrance stream- lines access and will aid in obtaining information about office locations and services. The design of the Annex was planned specifically for ease of use and public safety. Courtrooms have been outfitted with the latest technology for presentations and digital recording. In the old court- house, inmates were escorted to and from court directly through public areas which were often already crowded. The new Annex provides space for inmates to now be taken directly to courtrooms and holding cells without intermin- gling with the public. A Council/Commissioners meeting room is located just off of the main lobby of the Annex, making meetings more read- ily accessible to residents. The meeting room in the adminis- tration building will now be used for meetings that previous- ly conflicted with Commissioners’ or Council’s scheduled meetings. In the past, conflicting meetings had to be held in small conference rooms or scheduled at inopportune times. Continued on page 3 A Heartwarming Thanksgiving Hope is Found In Healthcare The Dearborn County Clearinghouse was joined by area entities to ensure to one in Dearborn County went hungry. Page 8A Lilly Scholarship Recipients Jonah Ruszczewski, Sophia Sandford, and Pacey Yauger are happy workers at Law- renceburg’s ice rink. Oldenburg’s new Maypole fills the sky in the Village Page 5B Charlie, Steve, Jackie, Lucy, and Sophia Stoecklin Cozy and Cold - Ice Skating Dearborn Coummunity Foundation and Ripley County Community Foun- dation honor scholarship recipients. Page 9A Maypole for All Seasons February 2018 The fun that winter brings was enjoyed by so many area residents at the ice skating rink held as a part of Downtown Lawrenceburg’s Winter Wonderland. Shannon Pannone teaches Lily and Dylan the joy of skating. David Hughes and Nicole Cline enjoy the warmth of the fire ring after ice skating. By Elizabeth Loch Many residents of towns in south- eastern Indiana struggle to have their health needs met. The lack of insur- ance can often result in people avoid- ing the doctor. This includes preventa- tive care, which many avoid because it seems like an extra expense. The concern is not just personal for the people who cannot access health care and who are uninsured. It is a community issue that local medical professionals and non-medical profes- sionals have decided to make it their concern as well. Headed by Michelle Wilhelm, an RN and former ER nurse at Dear- born County Hospital, Volunteers in Medicine of Dearborn, Ohio, and Switzerland counties (VIMDOS) will provide free medical care for the under served in our community. Ms. Wil- helm was frustrated by having to turn away people she could not help due to them being uninsured or unable to pay for treatments. Inspired by Volun- teers in Medicine (VIM), a national, nonprofit organization that serves the under served of communities all across America, Ms. Wilhelm reached out to the Ohio River Valley Commission and VIM. With the help of these two orga- nizations, Ms. Wilhelm and many other local volunteers will now be providing much-needed, free healthcare to quali- fying Dearborn, Ohio, and Switzerland counties residents. The goal is to “remove every single Continued on page 7A SIEOC- Helping Our Community in So Many Ways By Susan Ray In an unassuming building on Importing Street in Aurora, the lives of local Hoosiers are changed every day. People walk through the doors with more questions than answers and leave with information and a plan. From child care referrals to tax preparation, navigating health care options, home weatherization, or maybe a little food to get through the month, young families, senior citizens - anyone going through a difficult time - can find hope and guidance at the Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation. This long-standing organization is dedicated to encourag- ing families and helping individuals become more self- sufficient across six Indiana counties – Dearborn, Ripley, Franklin, Ohio, Switzerland, and Union. Tamara “Tammy” Cunningham is the Executive Director of Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation, commonly referred to as SIEOC. She says, “We are a private not-for- profit, and we’ve been established as that since June 15th, 1965. Actually, we became established through Lyndon B. Johnson’s signing of the Economic Opportunity Act in 1964. The very first thing we started was Head Start, and that has evolved over the years from a home visiting pro- gram to a center-based program.” Today, SIEOC meets the needs of multiple generations through a variety of programs including the Housing Choice Voucher program, formerly known as Section Continued on page 4A THE BEACON Over 21,000 readers and growing! 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