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March 2018 THE BEACON Page 9A County Commissioners Welcome Jim Thatcher LST event committee Bill Black, Nick (and Judy) Ullrich, Connie Cleary, Debbie Smith, Debbie Peters, Charlotte Hastings, Mayor Donnie Hastings, Margaret Drury, Jerry Hacker, Fred Lester, Doug Whitham. Other members include Paul Elliott, Brett Fehrman, Chris Powell, and Robert Lischkge. LST Returns for Aurora Bicentennial The City of Aurora will celebrate its Bicentennial in 2019, and what a celebration it will be. Plans are already underway to make the entire year memorable, culminating with the return of the USS LST 325 to the Aurora Ferry Landing. The LST last visited Aurora in 2011 when thousands of veterans and families toured the vessel. The USS LST 325 is slated to arrive in Aurora on Sept. 12, 2019, and will be open for tours Sept. 13-16. The Landing Ship Tank (LST) is 328 feet long and can carry twenty Sherman tanks. LSTs were the only ships ever made that could go anywhere in the world and deposit their cargo onto hostile beaches. The main deck can accommodate thirty to forty trucks, fuel, ammunition, and supplies. Soldiers from World War II, Korea, and the Vietnam conflicts were transported on LSTs. The USS LST 325, in The USS LST 325 is slated to return to Aurora in 2019. (Photo courtesy of Dearborn County Visitors Bureau) particular, was involved in the invasion at Omaha Beach on D-Day and at Sicily on July 10, 1943. The LST 325 was one of the first ships to be built and is the only operational LST in the United States. Constructed in Philadelphia, it was once one of 1051 ships built over a three-year period that sailed on the rivers to the Gulf of Mexico and then to serve in WWII. Each shipyard was able to complete a ship every five days. Workers, welders, and equipment installers accompanied the ships down river to complete them en route. The United States never lost an invasion once the LSTs were produced. Several events designed to involve all of the community are being planned as a part of Aurora’s bicentennial celebration. Details and about all of the festivities will be made available as they are finalized. Lifelong Dearborn County resident Jim Thatcher was appointed Dearborn County Commissioner by the Dear- born County Republican Party. Mr. Thatcher is a native of Aurora and now resides in Hidden Valley with his wife, Vicki and faithful canine companions Shadow and Liza. He is chairman of the Dearborn County Republican Party and serves on the Plan- ning Commission, Board of Zoning of Appeals, Dearborn County Community Mental Health Board and the Miller Township Advisory Board. For the past nine years, he has served in various capaci- ties in the Dearborn County Republican Party, and was elected chairman in 2017. Throughout the years, Mr. Thatcher has served his com- munity as president of the Bright Lions Club, as a mem- ber of Hopewell Lodge #80 and Integrity Lodge #763, where he has held leadership positions, and as a member of the Southeastern Indiana Shrine Club. He is a graduate of Aurora High School, Ball State University, and Cincin- nati Technical College. He is Dearborn County Commis- sioner Jim Thatcher retired from AT&T, where he worked as a Lead Developer, Lead Systems Engineer and Project Manager. “I always want folks to know that my door is open, and so is my mind,” stated Commissioner Thatcher. “I intend to be active and working for the residents of Dearborn County. I am a hands-on person who likes to get involved.” Should you not have the honor of meeting Mr. Thatcher beforehand, he can always be found at the Bright Fireman’s Festival where he has donated his time frying chicken and has for the past ten years. Commissioner Thatcher’s term runs through 2020. Witte Earns Eagle Scout Award Austin Stanton Merk, of Lawrenceburg and Stafford Elisabeth Hart- man, of Lexington, KY, were married Sept. 23 at the historic Fairchild Chapel in Oberlin, OH. The wedding was offici- ated by Reverend Mark Davis and followed by a reception at the Oberlin College Carnegie Library. The groom is the son of Dennis and Sheila Merk, of Lawrenceburg. The bride is the daughter of Frances Pinczewski, of Lexington, KY. The couple met while studying at the University of Kentucky. Stafford and Austin honeymooned in Treasure Island, FL. They reside in Cleveland, OH, where Austin is an accountant and Stafford is a K-12 music teacher. Congratulations to Troop 692’s newest Eagle Scout Chandler Witte. Mr. Chandler completed his requirements to earn highest achievement attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Eagle Scout Scouts of Chandler Witte Ameri- ca (BSA). The designation “Eagle Scout” was founded over one hundred years ago. Only four percent of Boy Scouts are granted this rank after a lengthy review pro- cess. Requirements include earning at least twenty-one merit badges. The Eagle Scout must demonstrate scout spirit, an ideal attitude based upon the Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and man- ages. Mr. Chandler will celebrate his achievement with an Eagle Court of Honor in March. HOMESCHOOL SERIES: CONQUER YOUR COMPUTER! Join us for a four-week series designed for homeschooling families. We’ll crush Excel, Evernote, PowerPoint, Word, and Google Docs. Bring your laptop or use one of ours. Please register. For students ages 7-18. Fridays ▪ March 9, 16, 23 and April 6 10 AM Lawrenceburg Public Library The Elite 8% Fill VBvF&VWvVB7&BBFW6&RF7&VFR&WGFW gWGW&Rf"FV6VfW2BFV"f֖ƖW2֖Ɩ2bW&60'F6FRFRG&FFbrWrV.( 2&W6WF2Vf'GVFVǒF27&B2gFV6'BƗfVBǒR6WfPFV"WrV.( 2&W6WF2BRbF6Rv6W@&W6WF2fR&VGfVB'fV''V'"v2FC&VƖWfRFR7vW"26RgFW"bFR6VV'&Fr2fW"ƖfRvW2v&7FVVG2F&RFR&27FVVBF&PBBvRWBWfW'FƖfRvWBFRvbvBvR6WBW@F6WfR6V6B7BVRF( BfRFWFVBw&GFVF66Ɨ6FV"&W6WF2f"WRWfW'V"VR6WBFRvb6fr&PW"rfbFV'BFW6RGvv2RFRFR7@6WrV.( 2&W6WF27BWfW'V"vWfW"W7@&V6W6R6VRVFW67F6ǒ6WG2FR&V7FfRb&V6֖p&WGFW"fbf6ǒBFW6( BVFBBvVvFW@FWFVBF2v2F'7G&7BB6WG2FR7FvRf fW&RW7B2&V֖g&Ɩ6B( ĖbRfFP&RrFf( 0bbW2vBF6WfRW"v2#vRVVBFvW@&v旦VBvRVVBF7&VFRv66VFW2F&0BwVFW7G2rFRvWGFrW2rFBvR&PwwrBƖ"W0G&66RR6ƖFgW"vRB2&V66P276&R'7&VFr@G&vrW"W&^( 0vBV7FVBbW7@6rFBRvVBƖRFFv7&VFB6&BFV'BPFRv7V6f26W'6Vb( ĆrV6FV'BvpFFvrV6WG&( vR&RW"vF#66fRV6Fv6'WBB6( BFFRFW7F&Ɨ67&VFB6&BvrF7F'@W"v2BvWBFVrFvf'7Cr6w&Fr( ( B&vW"f&@&V'&vRגf6W2F6fP&RW( FV6WBW Fǒ'VFvWBf"WR( ĒvfRBCb7&VF@6&BFV'B'rWG&VBV6Fג7&VFB6&@&2'FV6V&W"3#( ФfǒFv&G2FRgWGW&RFR&R6WfrW"vखrfbF2FV'Bv&WGFW"גƖfRBג'&vR'FV7&V6rW"f67G&W72rfbF2FV'BBv&fFRRvFFR'GVGF6fR&Rf"ג&WF&VV@"6VS#FVג6G&Vf"6VvRWBW"v2Bw&FrBF7FV&֖VB6F7F6FVFR&Vg&vW&F""6RvW&RRv6VRFVWfW'F6&RFVvFW 7W6RW"6G&V"g&VBvvBR66VF&PF6WfRFW6Rv2FrF2Rv&RvVW vF&V6֖r'BbFRVƗFRRbVRv7GVǐ66Ɨ6FV"WrV.( 2&W6WFvR&RW"vF#'WBB6( BFFRFW7F&Ɨ6W"v2BvWBFVw&FrR#7V66W76gVV f"RBW"f֖ǒW7B2FRB6W6R&fW&"62( FR&W7BFRFBG&VRv2#V'2vFR6V6B&W7@FR2r( BBW"G&VRGG3wwrf&&W266FW2FFB#2W7BӂbVR6WfRЧFV"WrזV'2&W6WF2ֆW&W2ֆrFWFB֗B36V3c363Sf GGwwr'W6W766FW"6WrזV'2&W6WF26W'6W2#b 0GG3wwrvG&VG26VFW2CcC"֖bזRfFזR&RrFf@GG3wwr֖FgVVFǒ6ƗfWvV7&r6W6R&fW& 66W'fFfRf66WF2&vW"f&@C2'&6fR'&6CS3S23cr266W'fFfTf66WF26Х6V7W&FW2ffW&VBF&VvF6fVVR6V7W&FW222V&W"d$42fW7FVBGf6'6W'f6W2ffW&VBF&VvRvVFvVVB2&Vv7FW&VBfW7FVBGf6"2B66W'fFfRf66WF2&R@ffƖFVB6W2RvVFvVVBB66W'fFfRf66WF0&RBffƖFVB6W2fW7FrffW2&66VFrFRFVF72`&6fW7FVB7G&FVw6wV&FVR&fB"&FV7Bv7B72W&G2bFV6ƖrfVW2&VfW&V6W2F&FV7F&VVfG2"ƖfWFR6PvVW&ǒ&VfW"FfVB7W&6R&GV7G2WfW"6V7W&FW2"fW7FVB&GV7G2ख7W&6RBVG&GV7BwV&FVW2&R&6VB'FRf67G&VwFB62r&ƗGbFR77Vr7W&6R6vR&RBffƖFV@vFFRU2vfW&VB"vfW&VFvV7VFW"FRf&"G0vVG2"&W&W6VFFfW2vfRF"VvGf6RFfGV26VB67V@vFVƖfVB&fW76f"wVF6R&Vf&RrW&66rFV662sSc`U"EdU%D4U%2$RU"Tt$%244BDTDTR4rDT"E2DR$T4