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March 2018 THE BEACON Page 5A Hundreds of Acres Added to the Oxbow A lot of work needs to be done, and many decisions need to be made following Oxbow, Inc.’s recent purchase of hundreds of acres of floodplain. Map showing existing and new property protected by Oxbow, Inc. Continued from page 4A of it. Nonprofit is a misnomer; you have to make money, or you have to at least break even; nothing exists if you’re losing money over time.” With that premise in mind, two separate funds were cre- ated; one to ensure the fiscal health of Oxbow, Inc., and the other to secure continued protection of the Oxbow Con- servancy Area. The Endow- ment Fund supports the work- ings of the Oxbow, Inc. office located on Walnut Street in downtown Lawrenceburg, while the goal of the newly begun Perpetuity Stewardship Drive is to raise $500,000 by the end of 2020. Dr. Seymour says, “We’re getting used to the fact that we’ve bitten off a big chunk and we’ll have to deal with it, but we’ve done that before and we’ve stepped up.” He explains, “What we’re going to be doing over the next three years is raising stewardship funds. We real- ized about fifteen years ago, when we started acquiring enough property, that we actually had to take care of it. That was back when we went from 200 acres to 700 acres in the course of about two years. Now with the expenditure of going to the east side of 275, and with the extreme amount of things that have to be done over there … we really need to have dedicated funds for stewardship now.” When asked if the preserva- tion of the Oxbow is a long- term certainty, Dr. Seymour replies, “No protection is ironclad. First of all, we are obligated by our status as a 501c3 to protect the property as best we can in perpetuity, but that also means we’re a business, and like any other business the 501c3 can fail … so you look to the future and typically look to make sure it will be protected for at least 50 years ahead of where you are now - so that’s where we’re moving in time. “We do need people to get more involved, so we’re actu- ally looking for some board members that are interested in the financial portion. Up to this point, we have been what we call a working board. We’ve had most of our expertise in nature, preserving nature, but now we need a lot of expertise in public relations, managing money - we’ve got some but not anywhere near enough.” The Oxbow also needs volunteers. Dr. Seymour explains, “We’ll be using a lot of volunteer crews to clear out TAXES ARE COMPLICATED. Getting your taxes done isn't enough - you need your taxes done right. That's where we come in. We hire and train the most qualified tax professionals to ensure you claim every credit and deduction you deserve so you get your maximum refund. Guaranteed.¶ YOUR LOCAL OFFICE(S): 4 Village Rd Batesville, IN 47006 812-934-4626 1801 N Greensburg Crossing Greensburg, IN 47240 812-663-7608 131 Eastern Ave Batesville, IN 47041 812-623-1310 15-0105 These volunteers share hard work, friendly conversation, and a deep love of the Oxbow. (Photo courtesy of Oxbow, Inc.) the area. It’s a little bit spe- cific because we don’t want just anybody in there because we’re going to be running heavy equipment up and down the roads … so backhoes are in there tearing up the stuff that’s buried in the soil, and picking up the heavy pieces, hauling out docks - but once it gets down to, ‘Gee, let’s go pick up bottles,’ Boy Scouts can help with that, but I don’t want a bunch of Cub Scouts running around while we’re riding backhoes and tractors through there, so there will be a limited number of individu- als we recruit to do this. “There’ll be another set of individuals who will plant survey this whole thing to see what kind of plants we’ve got, and to locate invasive patches; locate areas where we need to do restoration - basi- cally make a map of what will come back naturally, make a map for intensive control ... all those decisions will have to be done next year. “We’re also going to survey birds through here. There’s a group that’s going to be com- ing through and surveying all L S e l e c t S e l e c t S e l e c t L o c a t i o n L o c a t i o n o c a t i o n 1 2 3 the nesting birds, as well as survey what passes through … I think we’re going to find all different kinds of nests and birds more or less patterning some of the things we see over at Shawnee Lookout; not unusual for Southern Ohio. So that is part of next year’s activities … finding out what we’ve got.” For more information about the Oxbow, please call 812- 290-2941, or visit www.oxbow-, or oxbowinc/ ¶If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that entitles you to a larger refund (or smaller tax liability), we'll refund the tax prep fee for that return. Refund claims must be made during the calendar year in which the return was prepared. OBTP#B13696 ©2015 HRB Tax Group, Inc. OUR ADVERTISERS ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS. SHOP LOCAL AND TELL THEM YOU SAW THEIR ADS IN THE BEACON.