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Page 2A THE BEACON By Tamara Taylor It All Adds Up It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood... no, really, it is! And I just heard a rumor that Tom Hanks is set to star as Mr. Rogers in an upcom- ing movie. What a wonderful icon from the childhood of so many. If you didn’t get the op- portunity to have Mr. Rogers be a part of your neighbor- hood when you were grow- ing up, here’s your chance to experience the magic of an era gone by. Speaking of eras gone by, I recently enjoyed a chat with the infamous Dale Lutz. He shared a few memories of his childhood and life on a dairy farm. No question where his work ethic came from- up at the break of dawn, milk- ing cows twice a day, doing chores around the family farm. No electronics or down- time for youngsters in those days. I also had the honor of attending the recent East Cen- tral basketball game where the North Dearborn Vikings 1968 Sectional Champs were honored for their victory fifty years ago. As I looked around the crowd and saw neighbors greeting each other as if they hadn’t seen each other all winter, I was reminded of the first basketball game I attend- ed in Dearborn County. I was so impressed that it was the social event of Saturday night. One didn’t go to the movies or scoot into Cincinnati for entertainment- you socialized at the ball game and cheered on your favorite team or the neighborhood kids. As our community grows and changes, one thing re- mains constant- we all care. We care about each other. We care about our quality of life. We care about what matters- each other. Elizabeth Morris is the perfect example of a person who cares. In fact, she cares above and beyond what most of us have even considered to be important. I’ll never forget the phone call I received from Liz early one afternoon in 2009 when she asked if I would con- sider doing the layout of the Beacon. What a game changer that phone call was! Nine years later here I am carrying on what Liz started, and Celeste Calvitto grew, so honored to follow in their footsteps. But I digress. Often I find myself at a loss about things going on in Dearborn County. Liz so graciously and patient- ly answers my questions and guides me in the right direc- tion to locate what I need. Liz Morris is now president of the Dearborn County Council, and I, for one, am very grate- ful to her for her service. Liz has been a member of Council since 2006. She ap- proaches her position with a passion and studies the county budget to comprehend all of its strengths and weaknesses. She is passionate about mak- ing sure that every penny of the over $30 million budget is used in the best interest of Dearborn County residents. During my fact-finding for this article, I calculated that March 2018 Liz averages less than the cost of a big mac per hour for her service- definitely a labor of love. The praise for all that Liz does for the community is extremely consistent across the board from those who work with her. “Liz definitely goes above and beyond to understand the changes in legislature that affect funding and how the funds in Dear- born County can best be used for the residents,” said Shane McHenry, president of the Dearborn County Commis- sioners. Liz is highly respected on the PAC (Personnel Advisory Committee) which reviews internal openings in the government to determine if a vacated position is needed or can be merged with another position She is a member of the Bright Lions Club, the Dearborn & Ohio Counties United Way Action Council, Board of Community Cor- rections, Juvenile Advisory Board, and Tri Kappa. She received the Chamber of Commerce’s Businesswoman of the Year Award in 2006 and was named one of its Women of Distinction in 2009. “Liz is very business savvy and wants to ensure that we all do the right thing. She is dedicated to being on Coun- cil,” stated Ryan Brandt, vice president of Dearborn County Liz Morris Council. Ms. Morris serves her com- munity as a board member of the YES Home. Amy Phil- lips, Director of the YES Home, said, “Liz has a heart of service. She shows up and does what needs to be done.” Liz has been a member of the Board for at least fifteen years. “We get excited about opportunities here at the YES Home. Liz makes us stop and think critically about the great ideas that our board pursues.” Ms. Morris represents Dear- born County as the Vice Presi- dent for the Southeast District of the Association of Indiana Counties. She helps pursue the betterment of county government through county representation at the Indiana General Assembly and as a liaison between counties, state and federal agencies. Thank you, Liz, for being so diligent in looking out for the best interests of the residents of Dearborn County. Luck No. 7, a happy member of the herd who resides at the Iceberg Farm in Dillsboro. Two Young Ladies Save a Life Early on a cold Sunday morning when the temperature was in the single digits and most chose not to venture outside, two young ladies were driving down the road when they noticed a very small calf stuck in a ravine, too weak to get out. The calf was so young that it was still wet from its birth. While the young ladies could have simply not noticed and stayed in the warmth of their car, they chose to find a nearby home and knocked on the door of neighbor Bob Sommer. Knowing that time was of the essence, Mr. Sommer tracked down the calf’s owner, Jeff Iceberg, who ensured that the calf was immediately rescued and taken to the barn. Today the calf, tagged lucky number “7” is happy and healthy. Thanks to the actions of those young girls, a calf will grow to romp and frolic through the fields. Their selfless act gives one hope when considering all that Generation y2 or Z has to offer our community. The future of our society may very well be in good hands after all. Over 21,000 distribution & growing! To advertise, call 812-637-0660 THE BEACON Publisher/Editor Tamara M. Taylor Publishers Emeritus Elizabeth Morris, Celeste Calvitto For advertising rate inquiries and to submit news and photos: Phone: 812-637-0660 Sales Manager - New Accounts Susan Snyder website: Editorial Assistant Connie Webb The Beacon is an independent monthly publication with distribution in Dearborn, Ripley, Franklin and Ohio Counties in Indiana and Harr ͽ=)AՉͥ͡и) յ̀ ɥѽ)ͥ5ᅹȰ)ɥ ѕȰMͅ ѥ)I٥̰A)!Ȱ1%ɽѠ)-)ͽI)ͽ)1!Ս̰酉Ѡ1) ɥ́9Aɥ͵)MͅI䰁ɕM̰)1MMՔMа))MѠM) ]5ѱ]є)9]̰i)AɽՍѥ)`ͥ%) 9̰%)A< Ȱ)1ɕɜ%Ը)5)ɉɸ չ) ȁ ɍ)I չ) ȁ ɍ) ɥЁɕ ͥ́ͽѥ) ѕ٥ ) ɍ)%e=T1%-Q!  =;A1MMUAA=IP=UHYIQ%MIL9Q10Q!4e=TM\Q!%HL%8Q!  =8Q!9,e=T