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March 2018 THE BEACON O LOGAN By Myrtle White Community Correspondent Seems winter has been re- ally cold, but we did enjoy a white Christmas. But those zero temperatures were not nice. I think we are ready for spring time even if it does mean starting the lawn mow- ers. We still have some winter days to come, but hopefully, they will not be too bad. I have used aluminum foil for many years. A week ago I pulled some foil from a box to cover some leftover meat. I got the size needed, as I tore the foil, started to cover my dish, I got about a 1-inch cut across my finger. I was shocked! How did that foil make a paper cut? I have never had a cut handling foil before, but strange things hap- pen sometimes. Ernie likes to watch the Antique Road Show on TV. Some articles will come up with a very high price. He will ask me every time, “Don’t you have one of those sitting around here someplace?” My answer is always the same, “Well not that I know of.” He says, “Well, we should have something like that.” So we ur Communities have a good laugh. It is an interesting show to watch. My sister, Joyce Huffman, has been having some health issues. She told me that she just can’t get her strength back. I told her to have patience as it can be a slow process, to keep going, doing her rehab exercises. So I am going to tell this story about Joyce. She could have been fourteen years old. Our Dad was in a big field planting corn. He stopped, told Joyce and Frances to go, get some pumpkin seeds, plant them in the two rows of corn. They got the seeds and were very busy planting. When dad came by to check on them, he had to laugh. “Girls, you don’t plant pump- kin seeds two inches apart, you plant them two feet apart. Now take two large steps, plant two seeds, keep going down the corn row.” Well, we had a wagon full of pumpkins and more, when we picked them. All the farm animals ate pumpkins aplenty. I am sure our mom made a lot of pumpkin pies that year. Happy birthday to all the February birthdays. “Instead of telling God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is!” Kerri Miller If you would like some- thing, or news, printed in The Beacon, please get in touch with me. DOVER By Ray Johnson Community Correspondent Thank you for welcoming me back from a short respite. In the past few months, I have spent time with family, friends, have had some time to reminisce about memories and focus on the future. Lately, it seems like the small fragments that peek into my life rekindle vivid memories. Let us begin with walnuts. A few weeks ago, I was talking with some ladies about the abundance of black walnuts last fall. I shared this with my Mom, then we talked about our annual black walnut project. Growing up on the farm, Mom would harvest the walnuts every year, filling sev- eral large buckets. She would then remove the greenish- black covering from each one with a hammer. Once this was completed, she and Dad would place them on the asphalt roof of the garage, where they would dry and cure for several weeks. Once dried, we would collect them and store them in the basement. Throughout the winter, Mom would go down to the basement, crack open a bowl full of walnuts and bring LAWRENCEBURG By Debbie Acasio Community Correspondent Chris Irwin, Pete Aldeucci, and Steve Lucier, fellow woodworkers. Lawrenceburg wrestler Mason Parris, ranked #1 in the state and nation. tion all the accomplishments of Mason Parris on the mat. He is a two-time state cham- pion and is a tough guy to beat at these wrestling meets. I also watched with anticipation the skills of hometown boy Nick Goepper as he qualified for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Have you ever noticed that after a month of feasting in December, everyone seems to turn to dieting and a new fit- ness regime during the winter months? I am not one to jump on this bandwagon normally, but I must admit that I have been giving it a try this year. I had the opportunity to chat with Jean Fouch one day as we both exercised. Jerad Harrell happened to be working that Parishioners from All Saints Parish and St. Teresa Parish attend the March for Life in Washington DC. them up to the kitchen. We would sit there and talk while picking the walnut meats out of the shells and storing them in a glass jar. Mom would use the nuts in baking, especially cookies and fudge. 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