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Page 4B O BATESVILLE THE BEACON March 2018 ur Communities By Sue Siefert Community Correspondent Our local community joined the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce in honoring the Hispanic Community Advisory Committee as the Organization of the Year, Jeanne Siefert as Community Volunteer of the Year, John Armbruster of Oldenburg Academy as Educator of the Year, at a banquet at Walhill Farm as hundreds gathered to salute their efforts. Congratu- lations to each for making a difference in our community! Congratulations to Bates- ville’s firefighters and EMT’s who were honored during the Batesville Fire & Rescue awards ceremony. Service awards were presented to Adam Rynn and Casey Schomber for ten years of service and to Scott Davidson for fifteen years. Steve Macke was recognized for his retire- ment after thirty-nine years. Additional honorees were Shown are Mayra Adams of the Hispanic Commu- nity Advisory Committee, Jeanne Siefert, John Arm- bruster. Congratulations to Chloe Dearwester and Raegan Briggs for making history and securing their spots for state. Matt Hertel who received the Fire Chief’s Award, Donovan Imel named EMT of the Year; Casey Schomber earning the Firefighter of the Year desig- nation. Special recognition was giv- en by Jason Smith of the Indi- ana Department of Homeland Security Office of the State Fire Marshal, as he presented Med- als of Valor to firefighters An- drew Gerdowsky and Trevor Fischmer for their heroism during an apartment building fire in February in which they helped rescue a young boy from the fire that ultimately left the structure as a total loss. Volunteers are the backbone of any community . Batesville is truly blessed to have these fine individuals among its residents. That’s Sue’s news for now! S HARRISON By Nicole Williams Community Correspondent Spring is just around the corner here in Harrison as we hold out hope for this spo- radic weather to be behind us. I have heard, read such positive feedback regarding the maintenance of our town concerning ice, snow removal, SW schools communicating delays and snow days. One “snow day” story Harrison Firefighter and Paramedic Cle Weipzel, rescues a family pet from an icy neighborhood pond. includes a 6-year-old Austra- lian shepherd, Lester, who fell through the ice into a neighborhood pond during a routine walk. Owner JoAnn Rowland, called 911 as Les- ter clung twenty feet out from the shore to ice for twenty- five minutes until Harrison fire crews arrived for the rescue. Firefighters in special suits used a ladder to retrieve the animal, escorted him to Harrison Animal Hospital. I am happy to share Lester has made a full recovery. Thank you again, Harrison Fire Department! Harrison is proud to be the home of Athena Wres- tling Club, the first All-Girls wrestling club in the tri-state. Their mission is to bring together all girls to learn the sport of wrestling. The oppor- tunity for girls to get out there and wrestle at a high school level is really growing with such a positive enthusiasm. Congratulations to Chloe Dearwester and Raegan Briggs for making history, securing their spot for state at this past Mason Tournament! I would love to hear from you about any personal mile- stones or community happen- ings. Please feel free to reach me at Harrison@goBEA- OLDENBURG By Sue Siefert Community Correspondent Winter in the ‘Burg is sce- nic with its rolling hills dusted free prom dresses Dearborn County Recycling Center RE PROM D RESS E X CHAN GE MARCH 17-29 9AM - 4PM except Sundays also open EVERY WEDNESDAY 3PM to 6PM 812.926.9963 2018 BEACON OLDENBURG Chris JANUARY Merkel enjoying his work DEADLINE and passion - for farming. Winter in the ‘Burg is scenic with its rolling hills dusted with snow. While activities slo with snow. While activities of natural farming practices, our farmers continue working as they care for their land and animals so we may have fo slow down, our farmers con- earth worms, clean water, tables. tinue working as they care for crop rotation, and soil enhanc- I was fortunate to spend time on Martin and Teresa Prickel’s their land and animals so my we grandparents, ing through movable chicken farm, an the may love have they shared They passed away I decades ago, pain and I in had almost forg food for on farming. our tables. coops. saw the his about how passionate farmers can be … until I started working for the Sisters, and met C I was fortunate to spend eyes when a baby calf died Merkel, Michaela Farm Manager. time on my grandparents, and the joy when rain finally Martin and Teresa Prickel’s fell on parched fields. His how I met I help to raise funds for the Sister’ ministries, including the Farm – and that’s and began and to appreciate farming Chris were brought the but principles of caring for t farm realized his the love passion. days long his heart to they life. 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