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March 2018 O ST. LEON By Debbie A. Zimmer Community Correspondent I missed an important birthday in my last column. Wilbert Ruf turned 100 years on Jan. 1! What an accom- plishment to achieve this age. Happy “belated” Birthday Wilbur!!! St. Leon Volunteer Fire Dept. recently honored Walter Schuman in honor of his 90th birth- day which was on Jan. 23. His family surprised him with a Walter Schuman party on Jan. 14 in honor of this big day! Hope you had a great day Wally! Alvin Werner “Junior,” 61, of St. Leon, passed on to be with our Lord on Jan. 18. Alvin was a loving father, grandfather, son and brother. He was a shooting and sports enthusiast and loved watch- ing football. Junior was my neighbor growing up, and I used to baby sit for the family. He will be missed by all. Congratulations go out to Anna Mae Callahan on the birth of her great-granddaughter. Mabel Clementine was born on December 27. Proud parents are Rachel and Jesse Bading- haus. Tina and Jeff Callahan are proud grandparents. Shelly and Jeff Bulach are proud parents of their fourth son, Dean Harris Bulach, born on Jan. 5. He was welcomed home by his big brothers, Jacob, Lucas, and Samuel. Proud grandparents are Carolyn and Jerry Bu- lach and Dianna and Harold Sturwold. Get well wishes go out to Diana Alig and Steve An- dres. Hope you both are feel- ing better soon! Good luck to Lucy Herth who is studying in Ireland for the next six months. What an opportunity to be able to study abroad! February is a sad month for our family. I lost two of my brothers in this month. Greg passed in Feb. 2010 and Bob passed in Feb. 2013. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of the both of them. In conjunction with the North Dearborn Conserva- tion Club of which Greg Andres was an officer and avid member, a scholarship fund was established in his memory with the Dearborn Community Foundation. It is called the Greg Andres/North Dearborn Conservation Club Scholarship. This scholar- ship is available for students from East Central or Franklin County High Schools who are pursuing a college education THE BEACON Page 3B ur Communities in the healthcare field, law enforcement or becoming a conservation officer. If inter- ested, get in touch with your school’s guidance depart- ment for the application. The deadline for scholarships is typically in March or April so now is the time to be getting these applications completed. Happy Wedding Anniversa- ry to my niece Roxanne and Mike Haag on Mar. 3. March Birthdays– Henry Stenger, Shelly Bischoff, Lisa Nobbe, my daughter Me- lissa Barrett, Joe Schuman, Shirley Huber, Jacob Bittner, my sister-in-law Schere Kramer, Harper Vogelsang, Jackie Gaynor, Danny and Jack Deddens, my daughter Jennie Geisheimer, Keith Fox, Stephanie Bulach, Chris Bischoff, Robin Fox, Melanie Gutzwiller, Margo White- head, Jacob Stenger, Andy Hornbach, Joe Baker, Matt Wilgenbusch, Tammy Von- derheide, Nikki Kamos, Vir- ginia Eckstein, Steve “Buck” Hoog, cousin Curt Zimmer, Randy Zimmer, Chuck Hautman, Mike Haag, Anita Alig, Jackie Sims, Kevin Stenger, cousin Mindy Puente, Estelle Salisbury, Justin Alig, Larry Schuman, Donna Smith, Carson White- head, Joey Alig, Jill Wilhelm, Steve Hornberger, Paula Brennan, Karen Herth, John Erfman, Stephanie Smith, Danny Craft, cousin Tim An- dres, Annie Lobenstein, Pat Schlarmann, Eric Stenger, my niece Jennifer Andres, Cindy Fasi, Mary Jane Telles, Jeff Bulach, Jenna Dee. Also, a very special Happy Birthday wish goes out to my mother-in-law Kathryn Zim- mer who will celebrate her ninety-third birthday on Mar. 26. She is still very active and enjoys her life to the fullest. Love you, Mama! Get in touch with me with any news items for the col- umn at stleon@goBEACON- GREENDALE By Gloria Carter Community Correspondent Brrr, it sure is cold out- side just 10 degrees. I was a little bit bored on New Year’s Day, so I started to take my Christmas tree down when I received a call from my walk- ing buddy, Celeste. 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