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Page 2B BRIGHT/ SUGAR RIDGE By Debby Stutz Community Correspondent Last week, a long line of cars formed at the car wash in Bright. The wait was totally worth it. This is just one more reason, I don’t need to go off the hill to get something I need! St. Teresa Benedicta is host- ing the very popular spring event Chocolate Fest Apr. 5-6. This delectable event is for “Ladies Only.” In addi- tion to tasting uncountable chocolate delicacies, you could win something from the famous basket raffle or charming door prizes. Tickets are $15 each, go on sale Feb. 17 after the afternoon Mass. Additional tickets will be sold at Logan Supermart beginning Feb. 18. All proceeds benefit the North Dearborn Pantry. Seating is limited for this is a well-attended event. Choco- late lovers, don’t wait. This event sells out faster than you can eat a piece of chocolate, dipped in chocolate, wrapped in chocolate, then sprinkled with chocolate. What stacks up to hot O pancakes, warm syrup, melted butter? Sausage, biscuits, gravy, all the fixins to go with it! Bright Lions Club will host the Annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, March 3 7AM- noon at the Lions Club (2160 Lamplight Dr., behind the Bright Firehouse). A suggested donation of $7 for adults ($3 for kids 12, under) is ap- preciated but not required. This all-you-care-to-eat event is sponsored by Logan Su- permart. I’m just sayin’ that if you’ve never had breakfast from Logan Supermart, you need to get in line, experience this delicious meal. If you have experienced breakfast at Logan Supermart, you still need to get in line, cause Mike’s cook- ing! Proceeds go toward Lions Club civic projects in the com- munity. St. Teresa Knights of Columbus Fish Fry begins Feb. 16, every Friday through March 23 from 4-7:30 PM. Adults are $9, kids $5, tod- dlers are free. Carry out is available. If you would like to help, please drop a goodie off for the dessert table any Fri- day after 1PM. Yes! Dessert is included. Are you hungry? After writ- ing this article, I’m incredibly hungry. So, I leave you with this thought from a wise man. “The day God created hope is probably the same day He created Spring.” Let’s all hope for Spring! THE BEACON March 2018 ur Communities The Polar Bear Plunge was a great success on that 7-degree day. HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE By Korry Johnson Community Correspondent Weather is getting warmer, daylight will be increasing thanks to “springing for- ward” on March 11. Yay!! The Civic Club has been busy with two success- ful events. The Polar Bear Plunge was a great success despite the 7-degree tempera- ture. Approximately seventy folks dipped in the frigid 30-degree water. Karen Plogsted, President of the Civic Club, submitted this statement: “The first Trivia Night was a full house (sold out). Lots of fun, laughter, food, drink, meeting new people! And, of course, lots of concentration! More Trivia Nights to come… Thanks to all who participated!” Collecting all can tabs- Mike Chenault is collecting tabs to raise money for main- tenance, upgrades to the HVL Veterans Memorial. They can be dropped off at the POA office or contact Mike at 513.312.8872. Donations are accepted as well. Thank you in advance, Mike. The Children’s Activity Club had amazing turnouts for all of our 2017 events!., The committee thanks you all for another successful year. Now onto 2018! Our first event is March 18, the Easter Egg Hunt at the ballfields starting at 2 PM SHARP for $3.00/child. Birthdays: Juliet Johnson, Samantha Airgood, Hattie Hampton, Elliott Johnson, Jason Armbruster, Cathy Witte, Leah Cox, Jared Lischkge, Celia Jasper, Sheri Trumbull, Jacob Clark, Matt Clark Anniversaries: David and Sheri Trumbull New Home Owners: Chris- topher and Jill Hautman, Harry Branson and Linda Wilder. Please email me at hvl@ Think Spring!!! JACKSON TWP. By Connie Webb Community Correspondent Jackson correspondent Connie Webb had put up her pen. Many thanks to Connie for the wonderful stories she has shared over the years. If you would like to share your literary talents about Jackson Township with our readers, V6RVFR$T4@66v$T4Ww26Х7FFs&v"&&V6( 26֖RvW7G&6( 06''v6&"&BFVBW2F7vW2W'BǗGFRvVRFF'&V6vv'6F6vf"'&FW"&6F6v&6&6VVƖs&W`֖W"w&b6R7W2Ɩ~( 2FVvFW"W&2V( 06Bw&FFVvFW'2֖RvW7G&6( 2w&G6PF.( 2'&FW"7FWfRF"&6v76W"FƗ26ƖfbvFW"॔$dPbuTd$@'FvV2'W 6VG6'&W7FV@&fTv$T4Ww26Ф&W6FVG2W"&VVB7'G22G2Bv0w&VBFRF7VBvFg&VG2V&F&R'B`FVv26WFrFF&W6FW2v&FRFVvV@&6WF&2FRc'FFV&&&fw2v2&V@#rFRfgFWFЧfW'6'bFV"6V7FvFRV7B6VG&FWF2bfRrvFFRT0&6WF&&w&&V@FR'FFV&&&fw0FVBgFRGW&rFV vR6WfW&bFW6RW'2vW&Pg&W"&VvVRFFvV&rVRF"&Wb֖W"w&bbwVf&B&v"bFfW"& &BbWr66RFƗ2&6v76W"斶66GFVBW2b"ЦfRfWrbFRW'2@76VBFV"f֖ƖW2GFVBЦVBF'F6FRFV""FRWfVrv2fW'7V6f"FW6RW'26VW&VFW'266W2&VfV7Fr&P6RFRƖfRFV&Vp&RF6&RFBvFFV f֖ƖW2g&VG22v2gVFR6V6B'BbF27F'2FBbFW6RЦW'26VB&6V&v6V7F2crc6w&GVF2FV6`FW6RW'2BFV"f֒ЦƖW2vBgVvF6&PV&W2bfW'W6FpFRFBFWvv0&VV&W"खbRfRFrF6&RV6R6VBF&fPv$T4Ww26औbRĔRDR$T4( eT4R5U%BU"EdU%D4U%2BDTDTR4rDT"E2DR$T4DR