The Beacon 2019 Issue 4 The Beacon 2019 Issue 4 - Page 9

why we give through OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Opportunity Scholarship Fund is a scholarship granting organization that provides scholarships for students to attend an accredited private school in Oklahoma. Although, we do not charge tuition, the original bill was modified allowing the OSF to support costs associated with educational expenses, which makes the LLH eligible! Lisa Sifuentes gives to Little Light House through OSF and here is why: Why do I give through OSF? By designating the LLH as beneficiary of my OSF contribution, I receive a tax credit on my Oklahoma tax return.  A tax credit is better than a charitable deduction.  This is the most financially advantageous method of contributing, and makes my contribution twice as beneficial - benefiting the LLH and our annual tax return.  Why do I give to the LLH? Andrew Saas, my nephew, was born with severe heart defects, one kidney and a 60% hearing loss, all which changed the lives of my family forever.  Heart surgeries, feeding tubes, a hearing aid and countless prayers could not sustain this little guy’s earthly life.  My fund raising for the LLH is my memorial to my dear nephew. In addition, I admire the LLH multi-faceted ministry, and their private funding without burdensome government intervention. My heart is convinced of the authenticity of this organization. For more information on how you can make a contribution to Little Light House through OSF contact Molly Smith at or visit 9 | The Beacon