The Beacon 2019 Issue 4 The Beacon 2019 Issue 4 - Page 5

CONNOR CLIMBS BY LLH STAFF At the beginning of July, Little Light House Occupational Therapist, Jodi Howe and Little Light House alumni student, Connor spent an afternoon climbing at Climb Tulsa. Little Light House has been partnering with Climb Tulsa to pilot a program that explores new ways to make climbing more accessible and for individuals with special needs and physical differences.  Climbing is an ideal form of physical therapy for children and adults with special needs, with many neurodevelopmental benefits as well. For Connor, climbing helps strengthen his muscles and improve his overall coordination and dexterity. He did an amazing job coordinating his hands and feet to reach the rocks and move his way up the wall. Plus, it is a great way to burn off some energy and challenge himself while having fun with his dad and Mrs. Jodi. Little Light House loves seeing our students, both current and alumni, reach new heights. We also love partnering with local organization to make Tulsa more accessible for people with different abilities.  5 | The Beacon