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HONORARIUMS Will Blankenship Christ Church Episcopal Keith Boyd Carol Holt Matthew Buller Andrew Buller Brooklyn Chandler Dallas and Brittany Chandler Geoffrey Decker The Stephen, Mary, Mitchell, Emily Ross Family Charitable Fund Liam Epperson Charles Baker Corbin Fugate Anonymous Layton Haley Josh, Michelle, Gunner and Colton Jacobs Abigail Horne Cathe Kehe Staff Of Little Light House Mark and Margaret Shelton Luke Knapp Debbie and Phil Pinnell Jeremy and Laura Knapp Nick Lucito Mike and Gayle Castaldi MEMORIAMS Bob Baker Anonymous Virginia N Baldwin Roy and Dana Kerns Darrell Barnes Diana Barnes Danny and Isaac Bartlett Bonni Bunting Jonathan and Christa Bartlett Bart Betow Kathleen McKeown Mary Lou Black Carolyn Welch Ruth Helen Blazer Brenda & Curtis Turner Turner Brian and Debbie Goss Carl and Sue Richards Conner Mahan David and Suzan Wadley Helen Reecher Jan Edwards John Hamill Lisbeth Noble Lori McMillan Sharon King Davis Alice Bollinger Gary and Sandra Tatum Ginny Brewington Ruth Lovin PeeWee Brookshire Kamela Brookshire Steve Bunn Barb and David Mullins Reca and Gordon Trammel Charlotte and Denny Luerssen Accent Realtors Roman Marshall Paula Torrence Cooper Miils Penny Hamrick Marcia Mitchell Keith and Jean Winfrey Michelle Montoya Anonymous Lindsay Nozak Keith and Jean Winfrey Andrea Nunn Monte & Bob Prater Mark and Susan Amstutz Jesse Paul Angie Dick Lane Peterson Gene and Joan Kellenberger Ervin and Patsy Postier Tom and Vicki Wing Charlotte Robson Grayson Daniels Bill and Debbie Senters Belinda and Brad Karp David and Diane Gorcyca Diane Brown Bobbie Burkett Janis Sevenoaks Beth Camille William Camille Cheyenne Collins Kenneth and Debbie Collins Jack Connor Lynda Connor Jeff Davis Travers and Laurie Mahan Al Embry Lisa Arthur Doris Feken Anonymous Kayla Ferrante Angela Eakes Elaine Fitzgerald Jerry and Anne McCoy Derrel Fortner William Cupps Alan and Vicki Lewis Amy Fouke Bob and Betty Jennings Jack and Kay Delaughter Mike and Janet Burnside Kennie Crawley Marlene Andrews Miltech Lab Services Inc Rhonda Dill Jack Garrison Ashley Coffman Michael Garrison Bridget Hynes Elizabeth Milan Dianna Kassouf Patricia Calderon Ophelia Senters Barbara Vice Belinda and Brad Karp David and Diane Gorcyca Diane Brown Diane Wells Erna Bradbury Patricia Calderon Sara Framel Solomon Siegel Pam Bell Morgan Smejkal Crissy Causey Dru Buckley and Topher Swain Anonymous Emma Tims Linda Rucker Brant and Melissa Gamble Jean Winfrey Roy and Dana Kerns James and Sharon Jones Mike and Janet Burnside Janis Sevenoaks Jocelyn and Berkley Nozak Kathryn Ann Gray James and Susan Gray Karen Gross Ann Barnard Anonymous Bank Of Cushing Bill Sterling Blue Sky Bank Chris and Susan Wilson Brian and Debbie Johnson Dennis Cummings Diane Smith Gail Barbre Beth, Bill and Will Coppoc J’Anna Jacobsen John Bruton Judy Waters Doug and Kara Wyer Lisa Boullt Lisa Schooley Megan Ford Tricia, Abbie, Nick and Quincy Mason Scott and Lisa Zingerman Sharon King Davis Billy and Sherry Wright, Annie and Ryan, Becca and Brad Teresa King The Cecil Crain Family Thomas and Betty Neptune Frank Hamblen Frank Hamblen Trust Robert Hara Dambisa Hara Roger and Dottie Harrison Lyle and Ashley Harrison Trevor and Amy Corban Jessica Hazle Jason & Wendy Jones Fred and Anne Hennighausen Jerry and Anne McCoy Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Hopkins Stephen Hopkins Papa Jim Ruthie Bilderback Marilyn Jones Anonymous Ben Latham Marlene Waychoff Travers and Laurie Mahan Elizabeth, Jerry and James Ledbetter Jeff and Jerrie Barham Reed James Ledbetter Cynthia Monaghan Shelly Ledbetter Louise Leslie Beverly Strong Vikki Martinus Sasha Martinus Jerry McCoy Sr Jerry and Anne McCoy Lois McVay Anonymous Continued on back.... 11 | The Beacon