The Beacon 2019 Issue 4 The Beacon 2019 Issue 4 - Page 10

Camp Promise This past summer the Little Light House Therapy team hosted our 4th annual summer camp, Camp Promise. The gym was transformed into a beautiful wonderland of rainbow colors and ocean waters to reflect the story of Noah’s Ark. The Therapy team spent the week teaching our students all about Noah and working hard on different therapy skills. Here are some of the highlights! LITTLE LIGHT HOUSE THERAPY TEAM Occupational Therapy: The kids had a blast making rainbow rice sensory bottles. This is a great activity to work on following instructions and sequencing. It also works on fine motor and visual motor skills. The students practiced using both hands together-one to hold the bottle and one to pour in the rice. They practiced isolating their index fingers in order to poke the “clouds.” They used their scissor skills to snip rainbow straws and then of course had so much fun shaking up the bottles. It’s also great practice for vision to have them look for and count all the rainbows in their bottle. Physical Therapy: At Camp Anchor, our gross motor activity got all of our students moving like different animals! We used a cube and attached different animal actions to each side and then let our students take turns rolling the dice. It was fun to watch everyone hop like frogs, stand like flamingos and swim like fish. Speech Therapy: A camp favorite that worked with speech therapy was the snack! Our campers got to “eat the rainbow”, matching a food to its designated color. Red = strawberry slices, orange = mandarin orange slices, yellow = pineapple slices, green = green bell pepper slices, blue = blueberries, purple = raisins, clouds = whipped cream and marshmallows. They talked all about colors and foods and practiced their fine motor skills by scooping the fruits and veggies and placing them on their rainbow place mat. Assistive Technology: Camp Promise was punctuated with squeals of laughter as the kids reenacted the Noah story. Our students activated switches to turn on the roaring winds (switch adapted fan), the crashing waves (a switch with a water pick) and ocean bubbles (an adapted bubble blower) while rocking on Noah’s ark with their animal friends. We love giving every child the chance to participate in fun activities. Assistive technology makes this possible! The Beacon | 10