The Beacham Series™ Spring 2019 Volume 13, Issue 1 - Page 4

elcome to our spring edition of The Beacham Series ™ . You will find this to be our most beautiful magazine to date. With each edition over the past 12 years we continue to raise the bar, and this one might be hard to top. It is a tribute to our previous magazines, our satisfied clients and talented marketing professionals who have made them possible. Many feel magazines are a thing of the past, but I continue to believe wonderful properties deserve to be beautifully displayed. I have not met a homeowner yet who did not appreciate and cherish the incredible presentation we create for their home. This includes not only print, but also social and digital media as well. As individuals we all love, protect and enjoy our homes no matter the dollar value. They are our happy place. It is a true honor when we are chosen by a client to represent them when the time comes to buy or sell. Beacham and Company continues to outperform the market. On average our agents sell over $6,400,000 in real estate each year, the highest production level in the city. Our aim has never been to be the biggest, rather our relentless goal is to be the best. Our team makes me proud! We are ethical professionals dedicated to hard work and doing the right thing. Our obsession with providing five-star service to each of our clients is not satisfied until the job is well done. Enjoy the magazine! It is the culmination of a lot of hard work by our award-winning marketing department. They continue to set the trends in this city and across the country for how to best market luxury real estate. We are blessed indeed. Glennis Founder, Beacham & Company, REALTORS ® Photography by Heidi Geldhauser 4 BEACHAM SERIES ™ SPRING 2019