The Beacham Series™ Spring 2019 Volume 13, Issue 1 - Page 20

the Beacham Series through the years ™ FALL 2009 OUR FIRST ISSUE EVER! famous eel eid arguably the most famous tlanta architect home from is featured on the cover, and the " old omes" feature grows to two ages. Volume 1, Issue 2 Summer 2007 Volume 3, Issue 2 Fall 2009 Volume 2, Issue 1 Spring 2008 The Beacham series � Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring 2007 SUMMER 2007 over home, " escante" was featured on a age s read and listed at $19 Million. Agents pose for a mother daughter photo SPRING 2008 SPRING 2010 The magazine more that doubles in si e from the initial issue, and for the first time are featured at the front of the magazine. he cover a er changed to the same matte linen a er we use today. he first ever Beacham Series ™ release arty ta es lace at the cover home, avid rive, which was the hut e ward winning home designed by istorical once ts. SPRING 2009 SPRING 2007 SUMMER 2008 First issue of The Beacham Series ™ is published. The magazine featured the first eacham agents, and the cover home, named " oodbine," was designed by architect es ole and listed for , , eacham has grown to agents, all of whom have rofiles featured in the magazine. It's the largest issue to date with ages. Volume 2, Issue 2 Summer 2008 The Beacham Series ™ switches to it's famous square format! o quote that issue, " eal estate is forever married to the square unit, the most basic building bloc of architecture." Photo ca tions are added to full age ads, and ma s are added to the front of the magazine with neighborhood descri tions. otable architects are highlighted with tabs. Volume 4, Issue 1 Spring 2010 The Beacham Series TM "THE SQUARE" est. 2009 Volume 3, Issue 1 Spring 2009 Original proofs marked-up with edits during production 20 BEACHAM SERIES ™ SPRING 2019 A TRIBUTE TO THE HISTORY OF THE BEACHAM SERIES ™