The Beacham Series™ Spring 2019 Volume 13, Issue 1 - Page 19

A TRIBUTE TO THE HISTORY OF THE BEACHAM SERIES ™ he first issue of The Beacham Series ™ was ublished in s ring of , and as the com any grew, so did it s notoriety. his award winning ublication became the influence of many other industry trends that unfolded in the decade ahead. It features the most beautiful homes and historic estates throughout tlanta. For nearly years, The Beacham Series ™ has sha ed the niche luxury mar et in tlanta, while ex anding international reach through affiliations with eading and uxury Portfolio. he maga ine is currently distributed to , homes and luxury real estate bro erages in more than countries. ithin the ages of this x " maga ine you will discover the breadth of talent from architects and builders to interior designers, hotogra hers and artists. ur eacham agents and incredible staff truly offer ore uxury er quare Foot ™ by way of service, integrity and innovation. M O R E L U X U RY P E R SQUARE FOOT ™ 19