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In recent years, we have experienced market scenarios in which there is very little safety – even for diversified port- folios. While strategic asset allocation is still an important element in financial planning, in order to protect your assets in today’s markets, it is important to put more emphasis on product allocation – buying instruments that can protect your portfolio from negative returns early in retirement. Diversifying your re- tirement among a variety of vehicles — both insurance and investment orient- ed, depending on what is appropriate for your situation — may offer you the best chance of meeting your retirement income goals throughout your lifespan. Brad Zucker at Safe Money Advisors can help you determine the best prod- ucts and strategy for your personal sit- uation, including a road map to signif- icant issues such as long-term care. As Mr. Zucker states, “For seniors, home healthcare can cost $50,000 or more per year and nursing home care can run as high as $80,000 – does your retire- ment plan account for this large a num- ber? Twice that for a married couple? Consider that you have to exhaust all of your financial means before govern- ment programs will pay for long-term care. And neither your group nor major medical insurance will cover long-term care.” These are very serious life ques- tions that all individuals need to address at one point or another. Knowing your options and potential solutions before- hand can give you piece of mind and help to insure your future. In addition to financial advice and planning, Safe Money Advisors provides client workshops, appreciation events, speaking engagements and presen- tations which provide an opportunity for all individuals to receive additional financial education at no cost. They offer informational seminars and guest speakers, as well as educational hand- outs, reference materials and product literature and invite all clients, referrals and visitors to attend their events. Safe Money Advisors provides compli- mentary consultations to address your financial planning questions. Simply make an appointment with Mr. Zucker and his team and see what they can do to get you on the right track for your future. Business Philosophy To develop a financial plan for your future, it’s important for your financial advisor to see a complete, 360-degree view of your financial picture, including how your retirement assets are integrat- ed and work with one another. At Safe Money Advisors, Inc., they work exclusively with retirees, educating and assisting them with their particular fi- nancial needs so they can keep more of their hard-earned money and never worry about outliving their income. Their primary focus is preserving and shielding their clients’ wealth and assets through education and quality planning. They are experienced, responsive and un- derstand your need for integrity and transparency. As an independent finan- cial advisory firm, Safe Money Advisors has access to compare all investment products to objectively determine the best fit for their clients and take pride in protecting those funds for their clients’ intended use. Safe Money Advisors operates much like a trusted doctor. Your first meeting is an examination; the second meeting is the diagnosis; the third meeting is the pre- scription to fix the problem; and the final meeting is implementation. In order to keep his clients’ financial plans on track, Brad meets with each of his clients on a quarterly basis. This helps to identify money that may be falling through the cracks of their nest egg in their tax plan- ning, income planning and risk analysis. Employees Safe Money Advisors operates a small, close knit office with two employees. The Safe Money staff are professional, efficient and friendly. Management Brad Zucker, Financial Consultant and President of Safe Money Advisors, is de- voted to helping Nevada residents cre- ate and grow wealth, protect and pre- serve their life savings, and plan for the distribution of their estate in the most tax-efficient manner. IF THERE’S ONE LESSON THAT’S BEEN REINFORCED, IT’S THAT YOU NEED A PLAN DESIGNED TO WEATHER ANY TYPE OF MARKET OR ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT. Mr. Zucker was born and raised in New Jersey. Both of his parents owned busi- nesses and helped raise and educate him to run his own business. He started his first business at the age of 21. In 1998, Brad relocated to Las Vegas and has never looked back. Emilia M. Lerma - Marketing Director After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in 1986, Brad entered the finan- cial services industry. One year later, Wall Street took a nose dive and this had a significant effect on him - he de- cided to dedicate his career to asset preservation. He has been active in the field of Insurance and Financial Plan- ning for 31 years now and has been a featured speaker on FOX 5 News, CBS 8 News Now and CBS Las Vegas Radio KXNT, 100.5FM and 840AM. He has also written numerous articles for USA Today, FOX Business, The Street, Las Vegas Re- view Journal and The Henderson Press, just to name a few. Brad is a registered IAR of Global Finan- cial Private Capital LLC in the State of Nevada. Industry Changes As Brad remarks, “In just the last de- cade, we’ve witnessed rampant mar- ket swings from bull markets to bear markets and back again. If there’s one lesson that’s been reinforced, it’s that you need a plan designed to weather any type of market or economic envi- ronment.” Not only do we have a volatile market environment which has become more the norm than the exception, but also, in general, people are living longer than ever before. While a longer, healthi- er life is a positive step forward, one drawback to a longer life is the greater possibility of outliving your savings - cre- ating all the more reason to develop a strategic plan that continues to work for you no matter what the market environ- ment. 17 May 2017 - The BBB Connection