The BBB Connection March 2018 - Page 33

HEALTHY HABITS • Stick with the Buddy System and make sure someone knows where you are if you decide to leave your friends at any point. • Limit your alcohol intake. Remember, the sun can maximize the effects of alcohol so keep this in mind when you’re partying poolside. • Always keep an eye on your drink and use extra caution when drinking from open beverage sources like punch bowls, pitchers, etc. Remember, drugs can be put into any drink, including non-alcoholic drinks. If you see or feel the signs of predatory drugs - extreme wooziness, confusion, difficulty standing or slurred speech - get to a safe place and seek medical attention. • Be safe when it comes to sex – protect yourself, de- cide on your boundaries and make those boundar- ies very clear to your partner. • If staying in a hotel, before leaving for the day’s fes- tivities, take a card from the front desk with the hotel information and keep the card with you just in case you need help getting back. You never have to sacrifice good health for good fun – you can have it all. Have a game plan, stay alert and keep the excesses to a minimum. So, get out and stretch your legs, enjoy the fresh air and the sun and have a good time. March 2018 - The BBB Connection 33