The Baseball Observer Nov-Dec 2015 vol 5 - Page 34

Most high school baseball players hear from many different sources of what to expect or anticipate when they get to college to play baseball. This will be a series of interviews with actual players who are there now. JUCO players who have moved on to 4 year schools, NCAA DI players who have transferred, players who have been with one school and everything in between. This is in their words, decisions why and what they experienced so future players can get a clearer picture of what to expect. Q: What was your biggest challenge during your college search while in high school? A: In high school my biggest challenge was finding the right school that fit my playing style because I wasn’t your big, strong centerfielder. I was undersized scrappy, and played with my emotions on my sleeve. I will run through walls and you would think every coach liked that, but not all do and not all wanted me because apparently I was “too small”. Me being me - I think not is not an excuse. So, yes my biggest challenge was finding a school that fit my playing style. Q: Your first two years were in JUCO. What made you choose a JUCO school over an NAIA or NCAA school? A: I chose JUCO mostly because of my grades and SAT and ACT scores. I am not the smartest student, but I could have done better in high school looking back at it. Knowing what I do now and how important grades are it could have made a difference in where I ended up going. But, the experience and the journey I Took I would never change. Q: How did JUCO prepare you for playing in the NCAA? A: JUCO prepared me for the NCAA by showing me how the game is played at a faster more mature pace if that makes sense. Its more than the fundamentals, it is more mental also. I think it has helped me be more mature mentally and physically. Q: University of Tampa is an NCAA DII school. Why did you choose Tampa? A: Honestly, I chose Tampa because the University of Florida didn’t want me. They showed interest but when it came down to it they stopped talking to me out of know where. I then went on a visit to Tampa and fell in love with the campus and facilities. Also, Coach Urso was really upfront about what his expectations where from me and what he