The Baseball Observer Nov-Dec 2015 vol 5 - Page 10

looking for that, too.

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Scott Rosberg has

been a coach

(basketball, soccer,

& football) at the

high school level

for 30 years, an

English teacher for

18 years, and an

athletic director for

12 years. He has

published seven

booklets on coaching and youth/school athletics, two books of inspirational messages and quotes for seniors and graduates, and a newsletter for athletic directors and coaches. He also speaks to schools, teams, and businesses on a variety of team-building, leadership, and coaching topics. Scott has a blog and a variety of other materials about coaching and athletic topics on his website – He can be reached by email at The Coach with Character Facebook page is Scott is on Twitter at @scottrosberg.

Scott is also a member of the Proactive Coaching speaking team. Proactive Coaching is dedicated to helping organizations create character and education-based team cultures, while providing a blueprint for team leadership. They help develop confident, tough-minded, fearless competitors and train coaches and leaders for excellence and significance. Proactive Coaching can be found on the web at

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The Baseball Observer - Nov/ Dec 2015