The Baseball Observer Feb 2015 vol 1 - Page 7

and during the game. If you don't, why even

have them on staff? Assistant coaches

aren't there just to throw batting practice or to hit fungos. They are also there to help assist in the management of the team too.

As a manager we preach to our players the importance of team work and trusting your teammates. But when it comes to running the team there are some managers (more than you know) who do not practice what they preach. Yes, if the team doesn't do well the manager is usually blamed. They think to control the situation and protect their job they have to make every decision - that THEY will control their own destiny. This is a fallacy and failure is sure to come.

Some managers fail because they aren't managers - they are dictators. They are dictators to their players, coaches or both. As part of the title for this artilce says they try to be....

"A Jack of all trades..."

But let me now give you the entire phrase if you don't know it...

"A Jack of all trades

but Master of None"

Bottom line - let your assistant coaches do the job you brought them in to do and your team will benefit greatly.