The Baseball Observer Feb 2015 vol 1 - Page 61

Q: With success, everyone congratulates the head coach but we both know as coaches, we couldn't do it without a good staff to support the program. Tell me a bit about your staff. A: Most of my staff has been we me for over 10 years. They all have one great quality. We are all loyal to each other but more importantly honest. We may have disagreements about things on the field but that never carries off the field. Friendship is too important for that kind of nonsense. I could go on and on about my staff but I know this... I have learned way more from them than they have learned from me. Our players over the years are the ones who have benefited from that. Q: As stated in the opening paragraph, many high school players feel they have "failed" if they don't go to a DI NCAA school. You played JUCO baseball and now coaching JUCO. What insight can you give to a player or parent for considering starting out at a good JUCO school (both academic and athletic)? A: Most 17-18 year old young men have not matured physically and almost all have not matured mentally. This is a great bridge to the right fit for most student-athletes. Also everyone has different reasons why they are here. It could be that they were under recruited or there are academic issues. JUCO provides a great opportunity to mature in many areas. Not to mention you may save about $50K in two years! Q: Lastly, if a player wants to contact you: -When should a player write/ email a letter of introduction to you? As early as possible but definitely during junior year. Never too late though. -Is it better to have the player's high school coach send the first letter? Or does it make any difference? Like hearing from the player. Shows it is important to them. Also like to hear an honest evaluation by the HS coach. -Other than name/ address/ phone/ email/ school/ HS coach contact. What other items, if any, would be helpful in a first contact letter? Height/ Weight? YES Video? YES Position? YES High School Stats? YES ACT/SAT scores? YES Newspaper articles that relate accomplishments? MAYBE Summer team/ coach contact? YES GPA? YES Other: 60 time verified Q: Any other info you would like to add? A: We are very excited about this year. We thought we were a very athletic and fast teams last year. We are faster this year but young and inexperienced. Our schedule is purposely tough to help gain experience early in the season. After speaking with Coach Gorman and talking about his program coupled with the success he’s had in such a short time, we at The Baseball Observer see Cumberland as a force in the NJCAA this year again and for some time to come.