The Baseball Observer Feb 2015 vol 1 - Page 37

Rocky Balboa is single-handedly responsible for half of our nation's total knee replacement costs over the past three decades. You heard that right. Because of the Italian Stallion, men and women across the world gravitated towards the stairs for their primary form of exercise. I mean, what's more macho than sprinting up stairs and looking down to admire your conquest? I'd argue joint health and the ability to walk, for one. It's a good thing Rocky is fictional or he would've been limping into the orthopedics office pleading for the knife at the age of 46. For a majority of people, adding incline and stairs to an already painful gait is an expensive recipe for disaster. If you plan on using stairs conservatively in your training (less than once per week), you may be able to make it through this joint minefield. If not, you may be in for a long, painful ride that doesn't involve a final round knockout of a biochemically engineered Russian. Realize that your effort to try and relive your high school football days by running stadium stairs will result in repeated trauma to the knees and lower back. After a while, your articular cartilage will resemble ground beef rather than a functional shock absorber. Time to limit that punishing damage! Do This Instead: Strict Single-Leg Step Up