The Baseball Observer Feb 2015 vol 1 - Page 33

Q: Compare a typical day between Sinclair and King. A: Both are pretty similar when it comes to the structure of a day. In the weight room by 6am. Stretching and weight lifting. Done by around 7am. Usually on Friday’s you did workouts on your own. Then classes. Practice starts around 2-3pm. Practice until 5:30-6:30pm. NCAA rules have different limits on the amount of hours of practice. In JUCO, there didn’t seem to be the same restriction. We seemed to have practiced more hours during the week. At Sinclair, pitchers did a lot of running vs the position players. Here at King, pitchers still run a lot but the positions players run a lot too. Much more than at Sinclair. Then you have study tables during the week. Q: How do the off season workouts differ from high school to college? A: The workouts are more intense and more baseball specific. The off season workouts in college are mandatory. In high school they are voluntary and you go if you want to go. Not the case in college. Q: What about “Hell Week?” A: Yeah. It is pretty tough. The past 3 years I have seen players quit during or right after. We did Navy Seal boot camp workouts. We did Army boot camp workouts. You don’t come close to doing this in high school. Even the guys who were in great shape had a tough time. One day, at one point or another, everyone had thrown up. Just make sure you are in decent shape going in. It will still be tough but you will survive. It really does help with team work. Q: You’re there to play baseball, but first is the education. You mentioned “Study Tables” earlier. How did/ do the two programs support you? A: Study tables are specific times you have to go to the library to study with other teammates and it’s mandatory. You actually have to log in. At Sinclair, if you had a 3.5 GPA you only had to do study table for 2hrs during the week. If you were under 3.5, depending on how far below that determined how many hours. It could be up to 6hrs for the week. There were times when someone came to practice with their books because the coach said they had to study instead of practice and they sat and studied while we practiced. Some players at JUCO came to JUCO because their grades weren’t good enough to get into a 4 year school. So coach was trying to get them on track. At King it’s a little different. If you have a 3.2 GPA or higher you don’t have to do study tables. Anything under 3.2, then you have to do a minimum of 2hrs. Again, it depends how far below to how much study table time. Q: Are your grades better in high school or college? A: College. Classes are mostly ones I want to take and fewer hours in the day in class vs. high school. You’re in high school 7hrs a day in classes that mostly don’t interest you. College classes are more interesting so you want to be there. Q: What overall advice would you pass on to an incoming Freshman baseball player? A: Mindset. Have to have a positive mind set. You might be the top player on your high school team but you’re going to be where most players were top on their team too. Be prepared not to play as much as you were used to. There are 30 players on a college team – all top players – only 9 can play at any one time. Always be upbeat – even if on the bench. Support your teammates and always bust your butt. And you have to stay on top of your class work.