The Baseball Observer Feb 2015 vol 1 - Page 32

Nathan Helke

Most high school baseball players
hear from many different sources
of what to expect or anticipate
when they get to college to play
baseball. This will be a series of
interviews with actual players
who are there now. JUCO players
who have moved on to 4 year
schools, NCAA DI players who
have transferred, players who
have been with one school and
everything in between. This is in
their words, decisions why and
what they experienced so future
players can get a clearer picture
of what to expect.

Q: Your first two years were in JUCO. What
made you choose a JUCO school over an
NAIA or NCAA school?
A: There were a few reasons that helped
me make my decision. 1 – The ability to
play right away. 2 – Cost. Substantially
cheaper for the first two years taking
basically the same classes as I would at a 4
year school. 3 – Graduated with a 2 year
degree. 4 – Sinclair CC has a strong winning
history and getting their players into 4 year
baseball programs. 5 – Closer to home.
Q: How was the competition when you
played JUCO?
A: There are really good players there. A lot
of teams we played had players who had
already committed and were going on to
play at top NCAA and NAIA teams. We saw
pitchers that threw in the 90 to mid 90’s.
Q: King University is an NCAA DII school.
Why did you choose King?
A: I knew I wanted to go south - warmer. I
was tired of playing just about every game
in cold weather (Dayton, OH). I chose King
because I really liked the campus and strong
academics. As far as the baseball program,
the coaches were great. I really liked their
philosophies and personalities. I felt they
didn’t try to “sell” me into the program. It
was a really good fit.
Q: This seems like an obvious question but
what was the first thing you noticed about
the players you play with and against?
A: Everyone is good. Most of them were a
top player not only on their high school
team but the conference they played in. If
they have made it this far you can assume
they are good.