The Baseball Observer Feb 2015 vol 1 - Page 24

2. ELASTIC BAND - GLENOHUMERAL CENTRATED DISTRACTION By creating a passive distraction force through the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, the bio-properties of reflex stabilization are going to kick in, turning on all available joint stabilizers in the upper extremity kinetic chain! Once you feel enough tension through the band to illicit the reflex we are looking for, proceed to rotating your shoulder joint through cyclical motion. This movement will warm up the joint, lubricating it in the process for decreased wear and tear. 3. RMT CLUB LOADED SPEED-BUMP Y-T-W The Y-T-W complex, once the cornerstone of shoulder rehabilitation and training, takes on a whole new look and feel with the utilization of the RMT Club. Again using the internally shifting weight of the club, speed bumps are going to be placed into each of the three shoulder specific movement. These speed bumps ensure maximal muscular stability recruitment and clean up weak spots in the kinetic chain important for long-term shoulder health. THE PROGRAM 1A. BANDED GLENOHUMERAL CENTRATED DISTRACTION -2 x 10 circles (per arm) 1B. RMT CLUB LOADED DYNAMIC PENDULUM -2 x 20 circles (per arm) 1C. RMT CLUB LOADED SPEED-BUMP Y-T-W -2 x 6 (each movement per arm) About the Author: Dr. John Rusin is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Performance Physical Therapist specializing in all-encompassing programming design for athletes and clients alike. John's singleminded goal is to bridge the ever-growing gap between high performance Strength and Conditioning and cutting edge rehabilitation programming for the elite strength athlete. From NFL and MLB athletes to competitive power lifters and bodybuilders, John has developed recovery, regeneration, and prehab-rehab programs for some of the world's best power athletes both in person, and from an online platform. John is the owner of JR Fitness Systems, located in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information about Hands-On Self Myofascial Release Techniques, or about Dr. John, email him directly at , or visit these pages: Website | Facebook: John Rusin Fitness Systems |Twitter @johnrusin