The Baseball Observer Feb 2015 vol 1 - Page 23

REFLEXIVE STABILIZATION The true shoulder joint, also known as the gleno-humeral joint, is comprised of a ball and socket surrounded by both active and passive stabilizers. Arguably the most important gleno-humeral stabilizers is the rotator cuff complex. This group of four intricate shoulder stabilizers enhances both the position and function of the entire upper extremity. functioning ideally, these muscles can create an incredible amount of stabilization through the shoulder joint by sensing both position and mechanical pressure of the joint itself. This phenomenon is known as reflex stabilization. Reflex stabilization provides the most precise real time adjustment of bodily position and secondary muscle recruitment patterns. JOINT CENTRATION The shoulder works best when the ball and socket of the humorous (upper arm bone) and scapula (shoulder blade) are centered and balanced. The optimal joint position with maximal surface area contact between the humeral head (ball) and gleaned fossa of the scapula (socket) is referred to as “absolute joint centration”. Centrating the joint before activity can also enhance blood flow and neurological conduction of the muscles of the upper extremity, shoulder and shoulder blade. With as many moving parts working as ideally as possible, the enhanced rhythm, recruitment and muscular motions will safe guard the more susceptible soft tissues from injury secondary to sport specific training. PREHABILITATE TO PERFORM In order to rise above the injury rates, pre-habilitation must be practiced and mastered on a daily basis. Using the three unconventional, yet highly effective dynamic warm-up exercises below, your body will be prepped for performance and long-term health. If you want to perform at your highest possible level while staying healthy in the process, here’s your ticket to success. If not, keep doing what you’re doing, the injury bug is crawling around from field to field looking for it’s next victim! 1. RMT CLUB LOADED DYNAMIC PENDULUM Using the unique dynamically loaded and internally shifting weight of the RMT Club, this old school warm-up exercise can be taken to an entirely new level. The goal is to activate your rotator cuff while positioning your shoulder in the most advantageous position to fire these muscles and create maximal reflexive stability. Start slow with small circles and work your way up by increasing both the velocity of the movement along with the size of the circles. Progress slowly; the centripetal force of the RMT CLUB is going to be unlike anything you have ever felt.