The Baseball Observer Feb 2015 vol 1 - Page 20

REHAB AND DURATION IF SURGERY IS NEEDED After surgery, which is an outpatient procedure, a patient will go to the doctor for a postoperative visit 10-14 days following the surgery. Incisions are checked and the range of motion for the shoulder tested. Normally within 48-72hrs after surgery, the patient has already started physical therapy. Physical therapy usually starts with a physical therapist. Once able to complete the physical therapy exercises on their own, the patient will continue their physical therapy on their own at home. This will continue for the next several months until cleared by their physician. PREVENTION Playing baseball alone puts you at risk of a rotator cuff injury. You are at more risk if you've had a rotator cuff injury in the past. Therefore daily shoulder stretches and exercises can help prevent future injury. Most people exercise the front muscles of the chest, shoulder and upper arm, but it is just as important to strengthen the muscles in the back of the shoulder and around t he shoulder blade to keep shoulder muscle balance. Your doctor or a physical therapist can help you plan an exercise program.