The Atlanta Lawyer May 2018 - Page 29

SECTION UPDATE TAX LAW The Tax Law Section is excited to kick off the new fiscal year and will be hosting a number of CLE seminars and networking events in the upcoming year! JOINT SUMMER RECEPTION To kick off the year, the Tax Law Section will be hosting its annual Joint Summer Reception with the Georgia Society of CPAs in August. This year, the event will be held at a new location in Buckhead. Stay tuned for more details. Before the Summer Reception, the Tax Law Section will be hosting another joint event with the Georgia Society of CPAs on June 19, 2018. Specifics about the topic and speaker will also follow shortly. ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM CLE SEMINAR Earlier in the year, on March 8, the Tax Law Section held its fifth annual “Ethics B&fW76Ɨ6( 4P6V֖"FR4R6V֖"f7W6VB&fW76Ɨ6ЦFRF6FWBB&7F6r&Vf&RFRvV&vFG&'V6֖"F&"V'27VW'26VFV@GF&WFfBbvFVbG&WF6FW'20vV2FR6&W2"&VVG&B"f&W"6V`VFvRbFRvV&vFG&'V54$TB$T4UDBFRFr6V7F76&VB&V6WFআ7FrwVW7B7VW"VFvRFVVW'&vbFPR2F6W'BFR&V6WFv2VBBFRvV&v&"Bv2676&VBvFFRvV&v&"F6V7FBFRfVFW&&"766FFw&W`FFFRWfVBvVBF&7FFW'2F66ЦRvFFRFFF6VGB66RFVWBVFvRW'&v$$BbD$T5D%0fǒvRvVBƖRFV6RFRWrVFW'2`FR6V7F'&'fV26"66'W'2f6P6"6"VV7BB6V6FvW226V7&WF'G&V7W&W"F2F66GBw&vBf"b0&Bv&FR7BV"2v2FRFr6V7F2rf'v&BFgWGW&R֗W'2B6V֖'2vRRF6VRR@FRWBWfVB6FVWfW'6VG27WFW&@6FVWfW'6VG27WFW&B6ХFRff6Ww2V&Ɩ6FbFRFF&"766FDRDDuU #