The Atlanta Lawyer May 2018 - Page 20

LIFESTYLE/WELLNESS Creating an Ethical Will: Leaving a Tangible Legacy for your Family & Friends Scott Zucker Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik & Garber P.C. The practice of law can be over- whelming. The pace and pressure of the work oftentimes impacts the moments of personal reflec- tion and consideration that ev- eryone needs to create balance in their lives. And before you know it, you’re looking up from your desk and the years have passed. 20 May 2018 Certainly, as we’ve gotten older, most have properly organized their assets and have created a written will with clear directives as to how money and property are to be handled. But what have you done to capture the stories of your life, the lessons learned, the values you wish to share with your children or grandchildren and, most importantly, your words of gratitude, love and maybe regrets. Such expressions can be contained through the creation of an ethical will. What is an ethical will? Some may call it a “legacy letter”. Others may refer to the exercise of writing down or creating a video message for children or grandchildren as a “spiritual bequest.” Whatever you may call it, it is a tangible way for one person to share the wealth of their lives to those who follow them. It may be for your children or grandchildren. It may be for your friends and your community. Whoever it may be for, an ethical will is seen as a “gift of love” to those who receive it.