The Atlanta Lawyer May 2017 - Page 3

Volume 15, No. 9 | May 2017 Contents 18 Interagency Law Enforcement Appreciation and Memorial Service FEATURES 8 Bench & Bar Reception Logan E. Bleckley Award for Judicial Excellence Recipient Justice Carol W. Hunstein 12 Law Day 14 Take Your Adversary to Lunch Winners The 14th Amendment Transforming American Democracy This year’s winners of Buckhead Life Gift Cards COLUMNS 6 President's Message By J a m e s D. B l i tc h I V Outgoing President's Message 16 Tech Talk By H o n ey L . S h a w An App A Day Keeps the Legal Troubles Away? NEWS & NOTES 15, 17 From the Board 18 ILEA Memorial Service 20 Truancy Intervention Project 21 100% Club 22 Did You Know? 33 Gatherings SECTION UPDATES 24 26 28 30 31 Bankruptcy Litigation Real Estate Tax Law Women in the Profession