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From the Board The Atlanta Lawyer ask the Atlanta Bar Board "What was your favorite spring break trip during your life as a lawyer and why?" productive. At lunch, we did talk briefly about the case But, far more importantly, we did not talk about the case. We talked about our families, our other work, our careers, our interests. And we had a pretty darn good meal, to boot. It helped immeasurably in reducing the artificially-inflated temperature. Take Your Adversary to Lunch is perhaps lacking in only one way. It is the use of the word adversary. I hesitate to use it, as here it is some- thing of a misnomer. Your adversary in one case today could be calling you tomorrow with a referral. That will only happen, though, when you treat others with civility. Regard- less of whether you participated in the program this year or not, make a point to do so next year. In fact, there is no need to wait. ▪ Gino Brodgon, Member at Large My favorite Spring Break trip is definitely Cancun, Mexico because I love the beach, tacos and margaritas. Also, I can get far enough from work to take a real break, yet close enough to find wifi and catch up on emails if necessary. Greg Presmanes, Member at Large My favorite spring break vacation was when my wife and I chaperoned our daughter and her closest friends on a cruise celebrating their graduation from high school. Stay- ing up late at night and making sure the young ladies were safe while they were having a great time was definitely a challenge. Fortunately, there were no casualties (unless you count the wear and tear on the chaperones). Maggie Vath, President Elect I spent this Spring Break in Monterrey, Mexico at the Global Legal Skills Conference. What a wonderful experience to share knowledge with LLM legal writing experts, and to fit in a bit of sight-seeing along the way. REFER CALLS TO LRIS Remember, if your firm receives those occasional calls regarding legal issues that you do not handle, refer them to the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. 404-521-0777 | Ayudando a la comunidad hispana por más de 60 años. Llame al Servicio de Información y Referencia de Abogados de la Atlanta Bar Association. The Official News Publication of the Atlanta Bar Association THE ATLANTA LAWYER 15