The Atlanta Lawyer March 2015 - Page 32

section update Estate Planning & Probate Section By Roger Kirschenbaum Roger Kirschenbaum, PC S o far this year the Estate Planning & Probate Section has been able to manage our monthly breakfast meetings without the interruption of a snowstorm. As Chair of the Section I am going to take credit for the weather. Actually, as my year as Chair continues I want this report to reflect on the vitality of the Section membership. Despite changes away from an emphasis on estate and transfer tax matters, or perhaps because of it, this area of law still prospers. The Section membership remains at roughly the same level it has for the past several years. While I would like to see more attendees at the monthly breakfasts, I have noted that there are a high number of younger lawyers in attendance looking to learn more about the profession and how to grow their practices. Section members routinely volunteer for the Probate Information Centers in both Fulton County and DeKalb County as part of the mission of serving the public interest. This will be an evolving area as the law tries to keep up with changes in reproductive technology, and defining members of a family to determine rights to wealth transfer. In February, Joe Kingma made us focus on the real world of dangers in the practice of law and the exposures we face as potential targets of malpractice claims. We look forward to Sam Donaldson of Georgia State making his presentation in March. It was the snowstorm last year that canceled Sam’s presentation New Paradigms in Marital Planning, so for March this will change to the Slightly Older New Paradigms in Marital Planning. Finally, while this report will be published after the February 19 social event of the Elder Section, Tax Section, Estate Planning & Probate Section, and the Financial Planners Association, I am going to call it an unqualified success (ok, unless it got snowed out). The Board of the Section is an outstanding collection of individuals who have made it easy to be Chair. Katrenia Collins, as Vice Chair has produced a schedule of speakers that has been first rate in every sense. Shelly Donaldson, as Treasurer has monitored the budget and overseen the events so that we have not had any missteps. Al Caproni, as Secretary has recorded meeting minutes and taken responsibility for drafting some key agreements for our activities. The remaining Board members, Robert Turner (Past Chair), Craig Frankel, Kay McMaster, Caroline Freeman, Jackie Saylor, Tom Gould and Bruce Gaynes all have greatly contributed to guiding the Section. Thanks also goes to Karen English, Denisha Wise, and Jessica Galusha of the Atlanta Bar for their help and input for Section activities. To give a report on the most recent breakfasts – Associate Professor of Law at UGA, Lisa Milot gave an extremely interesting presentation in January on Planning for the Disposition of Frozen Eggs, Sperm, and Embryos; and Addressing Children Born from these Materials in Estate Plans. 32 THE ATLANTA LAWYER March 2015 The Official News Publication of the Atlanta Bar Association