The Atlanta Lawyer June/July 2017 - Page 6

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE GRATITUDE AND RESPONSIBILITY Margaret Hughes Vath Georgia State University School of Law What an honor to be inducted as the Atlanta Bar Association’s 110th President. I am well aware that this role comes with privileges as well as obligations. As, to whom much is given much is required. My first conscious recollection of hearing this expres- sion was at law school orientation where the dean reminded us that yes, much has been given to us; we were privileged. And he admonished us to not be complacent, not to rest on our laurels. out of the stack. Not because of my grades, which were good. And not because I had Cobb County con- nections, which I did not. But because the last line on my résumé showed my commitment to service, as a volunteer at Ronald McDonald house. Thank you Sara. And all through law school I continued to volunteer and to give back, and all through my years in private practice, I continued to volunteer and to give back. Remembering that, to whom much is given much is required. Because, to whom much is given much is required. And we were privileged. But, we were also fresh, bright faces yearning to make a difference; to seek justice; to right wrongs. As law students, and then as lawyers, we swore an oath and we recognized and accepted that our obligations extend above and beyond. Judge Bodiford, who is the judge that performed the swearing-in of the new Atlanta &"&&BbF&V7F'0BFRVVWFr2FRfW'6RVFvRF@7v&RR2WrwW"V&ǒWFVVV'0vR6vfRRגf'7BVv#v2&V@F6W'fR26W&f"FR7VW"gFW"גV"2V&Ɩ26W'f6Rv>( FB>( F7&FFRVFvRB&&&ǒvVFwBfRWfVvGFVFBFW"ЧfWrbBv6wBf"6&6vVVBג,:7V:bVRVǒ#pBג6&VW"FVBRF6FV֖B&FfRBBǒFB֗72ƗfrגƖfR6֖WFR7&VVG2'WBfVVƖR( VpVRWfW'FvFrWrwW'2FV g&W6'&vBf6W2V&rFRFffW&V6SF6VVW7F6SF&vBw&w2BV6F&V֖BFVӠFvV62vfVV62&WV&VBB2V62FBG&2G&fVRFB2@vf'7BVBFRFF&"FF( B~( F@f'7N( F&WBFRf&WGb&w&2WGv&r@&&'GVFW2&FW"VB&V6W6Rb&7FW&W2&Bb6vrBF6rwW'2V@'FR7V7F7V"6F( VFR6FBg&FW&RWBFF&"VFW"Ff