The Atlanta Lawyer June/July 2017 - Page 25

Front Row L-R: CJ Kirk, CJ Blum, CJ Moss (Chatham County). Back Row L-R: CJ Aten, CJ Dallas, CJ Holmes, CJ Anderson CJ Blum: It’s amazing! Our camaraderie actually began when we all realized that, for the first time, all of the Metro Chiefs were women. We are all very support- ive of each other, having bonded over the often intense responsibilities that come along with being the Chief Mag- istrate of a busy Metro County. We get together on occasion to discuss issues, share ideas, and learn from each other. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of visiting Judges Holmes’ and Anderson’s Courts. I’ve also hosted Judges Holmes, Aten, and Kirk here in Gwinnett. Right now, we’re trying to coordinate an- other field trip to Judge Kirk’s Court. I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to know each of these talented women not only as colleagues, but also as friends. CJ Camp: This is a hard-working w&WbvVvRfRG2b66W2fV@v7G&FR6W'B66RFW&R&PBb66W2v6FR'FW2&PV&W&W6VFVB'GF&W2v7G&FPVFvW2fRF&RfW'FVBvFFP'FW2BfRF&Rw&VBƗ7FVW'2vV&Vv&7F6rrR&&Vǐ6rvFR&V6vWfW"vF&RvVVFW&rFR&7F6PbrB2GW&FB&RvV&R&V6֖rVFvW24F36RWfV2B26rЦf6B66Ɨ6VBf"vVFB7V66F2bVFW'6vPfRfW'66R6V7FBG'F&RFW&Rf"V6FW"Bw26"ЧFBF&R&RF6FWB"RVW7FFRbFR%67FW"VFvW2 BrFBFWv&W7B@F67BF7W'62FRRVFvW2'WB7W6RvV&6@&V7BF6GVF2VVRW"&VƖWfRFB'f'GVRbW"&Vr&PW'GW&rvR&W7BFW'62W 6W'BvF֖G6WBFv&BVƖpB&W7F&F7FVBbf7W2&Vr7G&7FǒVFfR4&N( 2FW'&f2FR&GbW06V7FVB#RBVWB&VwV&ǐF6V7BW"6W'G27FF&FRW &7F6W2BV7W&RvR&R&W&V@FRff6Ww2V&Ɩ6FbFRFF&"766FDRDDuU #P