The Atlanta Lawyer June/July 2017 - Page 22

BOARDS OF DIRECTORS Immediate Past Chair Lindsey Siegel Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. Members at Large Clayton Adams U.S. Dept. of Education/Office for Civil Rights Shelly Anand Solicitor's Office, US Department of Labor Sarah Babcock Georgia Legal Services Program, Inc. Hon. Susan E. Edlein State Court of Fulton County Atteeyah Hollie Southern Center for Human Rights Cole Thaler Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation Sachin Varghese Bondurant Mixson Real Estate Section Chair Katharine Dyott Dorough & Dorough, LLC Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Joseph Farrell Quirk & Quirk Secretary Christopher Collier Williams Teusink, LLC Treasurer Charles Van Horn Berman Fink Van Horn PC Immediate Past Chair Kevin M. Rys DR Horton, Inc. Members at Large Jonathan L. Neville Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP Christopher D. Troutman Thompson Hine LLP Cory Thompson Kutak Rock, LLP Sole Practitioner/Small Firm Section Chair Rachel Platt The Platt Law Firm Vice Chair/Chair-Elect 22 June/July 2017 Mari L. Myer The Myer Law Firm Secretary William F. Smith III Schenk Smith, LLC Treasurer Matthew Campbell Jordan The Law Office of Benjamin Y. Gerber Immediate Past Chair Louis R. Cohan Cohan Law Group, LLC Members at Large **Hon. T. Jackson Bedford, Jr. Fulton County Superior Court Members at Large Brian D. Bodker Bodker, Ramsey, Andrews, Winograd & Wildstein, P.C. David F. Golden Troutman Sanders LLP Vivian D. Hoard Taylor English Duma LLP Charles E. Hodges II Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP Jeffrey H. Kess G Y[ ]\ ]ۋX\ˈ][H][]\K ˂\[ۂ[ۈ X[HܙHYH\[H\X[[H\X[؞[Z[\ۛ\\\ق][BZXY[[[B[]ܛ\ ’Y[\Z[Y\ Y[’[Hˈۂۈ]Y][ۈ]“X\\ˈYY[YY[]\K“ZXY[ YBYH]\H’[Y\K\X[[^K\ܙ^H X^Kˈ]\^H^[܂H^[܈]\K[H\\[X\Z[XK]K[X[\ ]YB[\[[H[ܙXB]H[]\]HYHو]•Y[[Hٙ\[ۂX[ۂZ\[X\H\\][HY[ZYY]H[˂X\ˈX\“X\X\ \X]\XHZ\Z\Q[XYY[\^H\’\ۜ[[Šؙ\ˈ[ۂ]ܛ^H[[[܈]]Xܙ]\B]\H \YKVX^][HY[ZYY]BYHY[X\X\\\\HˈX[’ۋYH\[KYZ[]H\و[ۈ[B^]X[ۂZ\ˈܚY]\[\ؚ[ [[XHZ\X[ \[[ۈ \Xܙ]\KX\\\[ۈ \؝\B\؝\H]\B[[YYX]H\Z\[X[Kܝ[B^[܈[\[XH\ܛY\ZYY[H]ٙX\و\ZYY[‘[Z[Hˈ\\[[ Z\\ZK]B][HY[ZYY]K[˂ܚ\\[][ۂX[ۂZ\X[ [\[H]ٙXHوX[ [\[XHZ\Z\Q[X\HK\[‘X[XY^H[^IۂXܙ]\KX\\\[X\^]ZY\]ٙXHو[X\’^]ZY\’[[YYX]H\Z\[Y\\[[ Z\Y[X\]\B]X\\X\\]ܛ\\[ܘZ[B]X \[KX]]ˈܙ[H]ٙXHو[[Z[K\\[[Z[K[ۘ\ݚ\[H \ ’[YH\Y\H\Y\]\BZXY[]BY\YHXYH Y\\ZK[^Y\[^Y\ \X]\’[[YYX]H\Z\^[܈ˈXBY[ Z[^HK[ܙH]\‘\XY\[X[[ [ZX[ ]\“Y[X\]\Bܚ\[\\H]]\HXZ\ۈ]H\وYZ[\]]H]YB]Y[XZ\B]H\وܚ\\[][ۂY\Y]\\K\\]’[H\B[ۈ][[[^H