The Atlanta Lawyer June/July 2016 - Page 46

SECTION UPDATE WOMEN IN THE PROFESSION By Megan T. Hodgkiss Hodgkiss Consulting LLC Members of the Atlanta Bar Association’s Women in the Profession Section (WIP) are excited and honored to bestow this year’s Outstanding Woman in the Profession award to Jacquelyn Saylor. The group presented Ms. Saylor with the award during their formal luncheon on June 23rd at the Capital City Club in Downtown Atlanta. “Our group has an annual tradition of honoring a woman lawyer who has worked to further the cause of, and who has helped promote, women in the legal profession,” said Sarah Cipperly, 2015-2016 Chair of the WIP Section. “We are thrilled this year to honor past Atlanta Bar President and WIP Member, Jackie Saylor.” The Honorable Mary Grace Diehl (United States Bankruptcy Judge, Northern District of Georgia) spoke to the audience about Ms. Saylor’s vast list of accomplishments, prior to introducing the guest of honor. In addition to serving as President of the Atlanta Bar Association, Ms. Saylor is a founding member of the Women in the Profession Section. She has held a multitude of positions within the Atlanta Bar and its sub-committees. Ms. Saylor is an author and member of the editorial boards of The Mortmain newsletter and The Atlanta Lawyer magazine. She is a top rated attorney, a frequent speaker/presenter, and founding partner of The Saylor Law Firm LLP. She also makes time to volunteer for causes related to women and legal professionals. will advance your career. It may just perhaps come in handy... And I would add that optimism is vital to persistence and determination. You need it to get you through the times when doors do not open to you based on sheer persistence alone.” The Women in the Profession section is dedicated to furtheri ѡɅѥɍѥܰݥѠ)́Օ́չՔѼݽѡɅѥ)啅Ȱ]%@ɕ͕́́=х])ѡAɽͥ݅ɐѼѽɹ䁥х)ݡ́ͥЁɥѥ́ѡɥ)ѡѕɕ́ݽѡɽͥݡ)ٽٕѥ٥ѥ́ݡͥЁݽѡɼ)ѱфչ丁ȁɔɵѥ)ѡ́݅ɐ͔٥ͥЁѡ]ѡAɽͥ)MѥЁѱхȹɜ()Aɕ٥́=х]ѡAɽͥ)݅ɐI)MɄQɹ͕)Aձ(ɕɥ))L5)! ɽ\!չѕ))ͥ(])ф]Q)9(])! ɹ)酉ѠAɥ))A)IфM)酉Ѡ)5̸M屽ȁɅͱ䁅ѕѡ]ٔͥ5х)Ё݅ɐMͼ͡ɕͽ٥ݥѠѡM幄4Mѕ)ɽ胊qݡЁԁٔѡչ䰁ѡȰ1-)ɡ́ѥ̰ٕЁͻeЁ͕((())չ)ձ((