The Atlanta Lawyer January/February 2015 - Page 17

Find the Missing Pieces to Your Business Solution IST is the nation’s leading full-service Facilities Management provider specializing in the following areas: Copy Center Management Fleet Copier Management Mail Room Management Fax Management Courier Services Facilities Maintenance Forms Management Conference Room Management Kitchen Management Supply Management Receptionist Services Records / File Management Document Management Scanning and Imaging Services Litigation Support w w w.i s t m a n a g e m e n t. co m w. is F Fo r M o re I nfo r ma ti o n Contac t Ch ri s Eck l. n fo f t io Co n t a c Chris E k l i C i ( 4 0 4 ) 5 8 2 - 8 8 5 0 - ceck m l @ist ma n a g emen t .co