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By Christina M . Baugh Fellows LaBriola LLP
cbaugh @ fellab . com
As the Bar focuses on leadership this month , I am proud to highlight some of the many ways in which the Litigation Section helps to foster leaders .
Leadership by Example
The Litigation Section has a long history of running and promoting the “ Take Your Adversary to Lunch ” program during the month of February . This year is no exception . Section members are encouraged to invite one or more of their adversaries to lunch ( breakfast , dinner , coffee , or drinks ) during February . The only “ rule ” is that they may not discuss the case . Instead , the focus should be on getting to know the adversary as a person ( yes , rumors are true , your adversaries are , in fact , people too ). The hope is that after spending time with the other attorney , without rattling sabers , it is easier to act in a professional manner during the litigation . In doing so , the legal community as a whole , and therefore , the community as a whole , regains some civility in what is otherwise a contentious aspect of life . This civility does not go unnoticed . Judges , other attorneys , and our clients notice the difference and react to the case differently as a result . As if that were not reward enough , members may submit up to five entries ( one per adversary ) and stand to win gift cards for themselves and their adversary . ( Winners are not obligated to use the gift cards for follow up meals with their adversaries- but they may !).
Leadership by Opportunity
The Litigation Section has continued its support of the Summer Law Internship Program (“ SLIP ”) by donating enough to sponsor 12 summer interns . These interns attend a diverse group of Atlanta high schools and are given the opportunity to work with participating Atlanta law firms and judges while also attending leadership training sessions . Some of the interns may be the first in their families to go to college , let alone law school . By providing these opportunities , the Litigation Section supports leadership training for the next generation of lawyers .
Leadership by Training
The Litigation Section strives to provide quality programing that allows our members to be current and well educated on issues impacting the typical litigation practice . Professor Paul Milich schooled the section on Georgia Rules of Evidence on impeachment and cross examine on November 11 , 2016 . And based on our answers to Professor Milich ’ s hypotheticals , we needed it ! On December 9 , 2016 , we joined with the Employment Law Section and the Tax Law Section to hear Julian Fortuna and Amanda Farahany discuss the intersection of tax law and employment law when it comes to settlements . We heard from Phyllis Sumner and Pat Brumbaugh on January 13 , 2017 , about privacy and cyber security for both our clients and our law firms . Most recently , on February 10 , 2017 , Judge May and Judge Salinas gave us their thoughts from the bench after the recent changes to the federal discovery rules .
Half Day CLE
We look forward to our upcoming programing including our half-day CLE on February 17 , 2017 . The program will focus on the practical implications of moving toward a paperless office-tools available , how to implement them , and the ethical considerations . The half-day CLE will be held at King & Spalding , with registration beginning at 8:15am and the program concluding by 12:30pm . We will also be able to offer live-streaming of the program for those interested , but unable to attend in person .
Monthly Breakfasts
Keep an eye out for more details on our upcoming monthly breakfasts which will include programs with the corporate counsel section , discussing tough issues arising in depositions , and our annual summary of the Georgia state legislative session .
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