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TIP Celebrates Its 10,000th Case
by Caren Cloud Truancy Intervention Project Georgia ccloud @ truancyproject . org
Now in our 25th year , TIP recently reached its milestone 10,000th case . In recognition of her passion for advocating for youth and her past work with TIP the case was offered to , and accepted by , Mary Alexander Myers .
Mary Alexander is an associate at Jones Day and a five year Truancy Intervention Project volunteer . At Jones Day , Mary Alexander ’ s practice focuses on a range of cybersecurity and data privacy matters . She counsels clients on data privacy issues , outsourcing transactions , technology , and other related matters . Mary uses those same counseling skills to advocate for and advise her TIP clients to increase their opportunities for success . She has also been instrumental in helping TIP recruit quality volunteers from the Jones Day ranks and Atlanta legal community .
Among her previous cases was one with a particularly successful outcome . Priscilla Jones * was charged with truancy and referred to the
Truancy Intervention Project in 2013 . TIP volunteer attorney Mary Alexander agreed to work with the high school sophomore and , after meeting with Priscilla and talking with school personnel , Mary Alexander realized that returning to the traditional school environment would only worsen the young woman ’ s struggles . After researching alternatives , Mary Alexander successfully advocated for Priscilla and won the juvenile court ’ s acceptance of a somewhat novel solution-enrollment for Priscilla in a public , on-line high school . Priscilla is now successfully working toward her high school diploma and is employed part time at a local business . In 2014 , Priscilla ’ s case was closed and according to Mary Alexander , “ She is a happy and successful student again with a real vision for her future .” A future , it turns out , in which she wants to be a journalist .
Thanks again to Mary Alexander Myers and Jones Day for their investments of time and talent over the years ! * Not real name


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