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In Year of Yes , Rhimes is candid about the issues many professional women grapple with , such as the notion that a woman cannot both be professionally and personally successful . Rhimes , for example , writes about her heavy reliance on her children ’ s nanny , and how being fully present in one area of her life inevitably means she is not focused on another area . Following her Year of Yes , Rhimes shares that she has re-committed to her children , saying “ yes ” every time they ask her to play , even if it means getting down on the floor in a ballgown when she is already running late for an event .
For me , I did not pick up Shonda Rhimes ’ Year of Yes to be inspired or because I am a fan of her many television projects . This book was assigned reading for this year ’ s GAWL ( Georgia Association for Women Lawyers ) Leadership Academy . That being said , after reading this book , I walked away with renewed energy to tackle my own professional and personal challenges .
Rhimes ’ words speak to women lawyers . Sure , we may not own Thursday Night TV , but we all struggle with balancing respected careers and personal improvement . The book will also resonate with many women ; Rhimes writes about what is like to be an “ F . O . D .” ( first , only , different ) which in her case is an African-American woman in charge of ground-breaking projects .

Year of Yes , despite its title , is not about saying “ yes ” to everything . ( Which may be a relief to those who feel like they are already doing too much ). Rhimes writes about how saying “ yes ” taught her to identify the most important parts of life , and how embracing these elements leads to an overall more positive and healthier existence . With Rhimes ’ humorous tone and dramatic flair , Year of Yes is a quick and entertaining read . It is a book you can easily say “ Yes !” to , despite any excuses about available time or energy . This book will leave you inspired , and ready to face your own personal and professional growth in the upcoming year .

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