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feated Paideia in the Region Finals and finished third in the State .
Darius then went on to UGA where he was a strong student . During one summer in college Darius interned with Senator Max Cleland and learned so much about the way our government works . Darius also was able to observe the grace and dignity of Max Cleland .
When Darius was in town during his college days we often got together to catch up . One memorable August day we played one-on-one basketball under a broiling sun . My family is well aware that I was an outstanding athlete in my youth . Darius surprisingly is actually a pretty good athlete himself . It was so hot that day I started taking water breaks between dribbles . Darius is about 6 ' 1 ", 165 lbs . I am … well , I am what I am . Darius had a pretty good crossover move that worked until I started tripping him . I had one move and one move only -the back down move . Darius will tell you he took it easy on me . I will tell you we were playing as hard as we could with no quarter given and none asked . But I digress .... Those who know and love Darius were thrilled when Darius announced he was applying to law school at UGA . Several of us were delighted to write letters of recommendation .
During law school at the University of Georgia , Darius was a member of three championship Moot Court teams , including Georgia ' s Intrastate Moot Court Championship Team . Bulldog Fans will be pleased to know that during his third year , Darius led UGA ' s Moot Court Team to victory over Florida during the annual Georgia / Florida football weekend in Jacksonville , Florida .
May 18 , 2002 , the day Darius graduated from law school , is a day I will always cherish . On the drive up and back to Athens I reflected on how much Darius had accomplished and the fact that he was achieving such an important milestone on the way to his goal of becoming a lawyer . Darius and his family beamed that day and for good reason as well they should . Another former Intern Cynthia Saintil Adams graduated that day from UGA Law School . I am delighted that Cynthia is on the short list for an appointment to be on the Douglas County Superior Court .
Darius and I practiced law together for the first six months of his career before he became a prosecutor in
the Dekalb County DA ' s office where he served with distinction under J . Tom Morgan , Jeff Brickman , Gwen Keyes Fleming , Javonne Hicks White and most recently Robert James .
Despite the demands of his profession and having young children Darius has given back so much to his high school , community and profession by , for example , serving as a Mock Trial Coach and Mentor in the Summer Law Internship Program which gave him his start .
In the summer of 2015 my oldest daughter Maryellen interned with Darius as part of the Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program . I mentored Darius when he was in high school and Darius is now a mentor to my daughter as well as all of my children . Kelly and I are so very grateful for that .
It is fitting Darius is being sworn in only a few days before Dr . Martin Luther King , Jr . Day . Dr . King was a hero of mine and delivered a quote that I try to live by : “ It is always the right time to do the right thing .” Darius , the job you are taking
L-R : Wade Malone , Darius Pattillo and Comer Yates at a previous Summer Law Internship Program event . is a hard job that will involve many tough decisions . You will have matters where one group will say “ Lock him up and throw away the key !” while another faction will say “ Let him go !” When you make those decisions be confident in your journey and your judgment .

Again Darius , congratulations . We are so proud of you .

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