The Atlanta Lawyer February 2017 - Page 20

Remarks Given by Wade Malone in honor of the Investiture of Darius Pattillo as District Attorney of Henry County on January 12 , 2017
[ Editor ’ s note : On November 8 , 2016 , Darius Pattillo was elected to be the District Attorney of Henry County . He took office in January . Darius interned in the first three summers of the Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program for High School Students ( 1993-1995 ). Darius , a 1995 graduate of Atlanta ’ s Therrell High School , received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Georgia . After graduating from UGA Law , Darius served as an Assistant District Attorney in DeKalb County for thirteen years . During that time Darius was a regular host and mentor to Atlanta Bar Summer Law Interns .]
On behalf of the Malone Family , my wife Kelly and children Maryellen , Kellyann and Sam who are all here with me tonight , I am grateful to be able to say a few words on this momentous occasion .
Darius , congratulations on your election to become the District Attorney of Henry County . I know you are going to do a terrific job .
I want to also congratulate Keisha , Darius ' lovely wife , and Darius ' parents Carol and Virgil . Everyone here tonight shares in the pride you feel .
When Darius was elected , a friend asked me how I was feeling and my reply was simple : “ Darius ' dream came true and so did mine .” But as everybody knows there is a lot of blood , sweat and tears between a dream and its reality .
I met Darius 24 years ago this April . Darius had applied to intern in 1993 in the first class of the Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program . I can draw a straight line from the first time I met Darius to this special night when Darius is being sworn in as the District Attorney of Henry County .
Darius was the first 3 time Intern we had in the Intern Program . One of those summers , 1994 , Darius interned with my law firm . At the time Darius probably cursed his luck as my Firm was located near the Galleria in Cobb County and to get to his internship he had to ride 2 buses and take the Marta train . Darius was never late , not once .
I had a great time working with Darius that summer . He was hard working , smart , focused and with an easy manner . We spent a lot of time together going to Court , having lunch , and taking in sporting events . Darius expressed his dream of becoming a lawyer and I told him “ You can do it but don ’ t plan on it being easy . Please know I will be with you every step of the way .”
Darius showed his talent early on as a member of two Mock Trial Region Championship teams at Therrell . I am telling you these teams were formidable , especially our 1995 team . Our 1995 team was coached by current United States Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates , Gwen Keyes Fleming ( who would become DA of DeKalb County ), Fulton County Deputy DA Ron Dixon , former Assistant US Attorney David Nutter and our pied piper Comer Yates . Darius and his Therrell teammates were all in and so were the coaches . At one point the 1995 Therrell Mock Trial Team practiced 27 straight days ( not weekdays mind you , consecutive days ). We had so much fun and enjoy incredible memories . Four members of our 1995 team went on to become attorneys . Darius was a leader of that 1995 team which de-
20 February 2017