The Atlanta Lawyer December 2018 / January 2019 - Page 19

SaneBox. Remember when you signed up for your first email ad- dress and could not wait to open every single email you received? Chances are that feeling of excite- ment is gone as it is estimated that the average business user sends and receives around 120 emails per day. SaneBox “restores sanity to your in- box” by prioritizing the emails you receive. Once you sign up, SaneBox establishes a connection with your email server and monitors your incoming emails. The software then analyzes your interactions with email, so it can determine what is important to you. When an email comes into your inbox, SaneBox de- termines if it is important and then tells your email server to move it to the right location. If the software determines the email is not im- portant, it sends it to a “SaneLater” folder. This way, the only emails in your inbox are those that truly matter-no more “Save 50% Now” emails in your inbox above a critical work email. So you do not acciden- tally miss something important, you receive a daily digest summarizing the emails in your SaneLater folder. Worried about sharing your data? Don’t be. SaneBox never reads the body of any emails-it only analyzes the data in the header. Additionally, the emails never leave your email provider’s server-SaneBox never takes possession of them. SaneBox is free for the first two weeks and after that, it’s $7.00 per month. My search for “timekeeping” on the app store revealed literally hun- dreds of timekeeping apps. Like those hundreds of other apps, RescueTime is a free app that acts as a timekeeper-you can measure time, pause, or quit at any time. What makes RescueTime differ- ent is that its focus is productivity. You can block distracting sites, set notifications to remind yourself when you’ve spent too much time on one task, and even set goals to help keep you on track. Do you have a problem with falling into internet holes? You can set an alarm to tell you when you have spent too much time on, for example, Facebook or Wikipedia. After you sign up, the app sends you weekly detailed re- ports showing which websites you visited, apps you used, and how productive you were. L AWYER R EFERRAL I NFORMATION S ERVICE & LRIS REFER CALLS TO Remember, if your firm receives those occasional calls regarding legal issues that you do not handle, refer them to the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. 404-521-0777 Benjamin Franklin once said: “for every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” Had he been a lawyer today, I’m sure he would edit his quote to read: “for every minute spent in organizing, a billable hour is earned.” The technologies above will help you get organized and stay organized and hopefully lead to a successful first-year of practice. RescueTime. No article about es- sential technologies for first-year attorneys would be complete with- out mentioning a timekeeping app. The Official News Publication of the Atlanta Bar Association THE ATLANTA LAWYER 19