The Atlanta Lawyer August/September 2019 - Page 5

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE continues to have a positive impact on Atlanta and its lawyers well into the future. In focusing on these efforts to innovate and change, I would be remiss if I ignored the many aspects of the Atlanta Bar Association that have not changed (which is a good thing). We recently hosted the latest installment of the End of Summer Band Party, providing our members with opportunities to not just relive memories of the Top Gun soundtrack, but to enjoy a late summer social event with fellow members of the Atlanta Bar Association. In addition, our Celebrating Service luncheon will be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, where we will focus a spotlight on local lawyers contributing their time and talents to the Atlanta community. The numerous sections of the Atlanta Bar Association – who remain its lifeblood – continue to offer practice-focused events and programs to help members network, socialize, and stay up to speed on the latest legal developments. Perhaps most importantly, the Atlanta Bar Association continues to offer members – both junior lawyers and those who may find themselves more “seasoned” – a wide variety of leadership opportunities. Between the existing committees (like Membership, Law School Outreach, Wellness, Reputation and Public Trust, etc.) and our new initiatives (the Innovation Study Group and our project focusing on humanitarian needs in the local immigrant community), we have a wide and diverse range of positions calling out for more leaders. Anyone interested in these opportunities can simply reach out to the Atlanta Bar staff or, if it is easier, directly to me and we will find the right opportunity. I can assure you that the ROI in working with the Bar is both immediate and enduring. So, with the 2019-2020 bar year now in full swing, I would encourage all of you to visit the Atlanta Bar Association website ( to see all of the exciting events and initiatives available. Even if you have been active with the Atlanta Bar in recent years, you are never too involved to get to know your local bar again. For well over a century, the Atlanta Bar Association has striven to provide its members with ongoing support, networking opportunities, continuing education, leadership opportunities, and perhaps most importantly, fellowship among the local bar. For more information on Atlanta Bar Association Committees, please visit Committees and their Co/Chairs: A Courthouse Line Managing Partners Celebrating Service Public Interest Executive Roundtable Maggie Vath Alison Nazarowski Timothy J. Ramsey W. Scott Schulten Hon. Susan E. Edlein Editorial Board, The Atlanta Lawyer Rachel Epps Spears Hon. Diane E. Bessen Lisa K. Liang Reputation & the Public Trust Equal Justice in Law Enforcement SideBar Harold E. Franklin, Jr. Judicial Selection & Tenure Kimberly B. Debrow Roy M. Sobelson Law Day Committee Melody Richardson Caren Cloud Law School Outreach Jessica J. Wood Robert Lewis, Jr. Betsy C. Griswold Christopher P. Lightner Sports & Recreation League Joseph Hoffman Marc Rawls The Legal Runaround 5K Run/ Walk & Tot Trot Louis Cohan Wellness Committee Minerva Steele Ryan K. Walsh Atlanta Bar Association President THE ATLANTA LAWYER 5