The Atlanta Lawyer August/September 2019 - Page 21

Fourth Time's the Charm: State Bar Award of Merit The Atlanta Bar Association has been awarded the Award of Merit by the State Bar of Georgia for the fourth year in a row. Awards of Merit are given to voluntary bar associations for their dedication to improving relations among local lawyers and devoting endless hours to serving their communities. The bar associations are judged according to size. Under the leadership of 2018-2019 Atlanta Bar Association President Nicole G. Iannarone the Atlanta Bar Association initiated new programs that support lawyers in their career development, their connectedness with the Atlanta legal community and their overall well-being. This included an emphasis on cultivating future members and leadership for our association through strengthening our relationships with our area law schools and their students, encouraging and mentoring leaders in leadership positions, as well as providing special events Supreme Court Update: Of the new Supreme Court rules, Rule 4 & Rule 96 were effective on September 9, 2019. The rest take effect on or after December 2, 2019. and benefits to our broad and diverse membership. New initiatives were launched to support that mission, including the Side Bar mentoring program and the establishment of a Wellness Committee. The 2018-19 fiscal year of the Atlanta Bar Association was a year of progress that strengthened past initiatives and incorporated new programs that allow our members to stay connected and develop leadership skills, while also meeting their professional and personal responsibilities. The Atlanta Bar family stayed active in sports leagues and theatre productions, participated in CLE programs, Sections and Committees, and took part in pro bono opportunities and leadership development through our twenty one Sections. Their leadership skills were honed through participation on various boards, including Continuing Legal Education, Editorial and Lawyer Referral and Information Service, and they enjoyed broadening their personal connections through judicial and social events and educational activities. Lastly, we celebrated our members in Member Appreciation Month and offered something for everyone in our Atlanta Bar family this year! 10 days, such briefs are only permuted with leave of court. Additionally such briefs shall disclose particulars about the identity and interest of the filer. RULE 24 now requires that supplemental briefs may only be filed with leave of Court. RULE 4 will permit a law student or law school graduate who is RULE 50 distinguishes between mandatory argument and authorized to practice under the Student Practice Rules or Law School Graduate Rules to appear in a case with permission of the Court. RULE 10 adds time limits to filing of reply briefs of 50 days after appeal is docketed or 10 days after fling of the response brief. It also adds time limits to filing of cross-appeals. permissive argument. RULE 51 deals with requests for oral argument specifying that an appellant must file such request within 20 days after the matter is docketed and appellee’s request must be filed with 10 days after appellant’s request. Additionally it must also contain a statement necessitating the reason for the request such as the complexity of the matter, an important question of first impression if involves a matter where appellate court rulings are inconsistent. RULE 96 addresses the student practice appearance and argument RULE 20 sets out specific that will enable approval for students or recent graduates to page limits for filings in civil cases and criminal cases, and denotes that death penalty cases are not subject to a page limitation. It also limits amicus curiae briefs to 30 pages. RULE 23 designates that if a party files a brief within 10 days participate in the case. This is only a summary and be advised it is not a substitute for reading and familiarizing oneself with the actual rules. For more information: SCOG_Rules_ORDER_ISSUED.pdf after a party’s initial brief, no leave of Court is necessary. After THE ATLANTA LAWYER 21