The Atlanta Lawyer August/September 2019 - Page 19

Since 1993, through the long-standing support of the Atlanta legal community, the Internship Program has made over 775 paid internships available to talented high school students from across the region. We had 112 applications for 54 spots. Our goals for the 2019 interns were the same as when SLIP first started in 1993: 1. To provide a valuable work experience 2. To further the student’s understanding of the law 3. To provide a mentor relationship for the students. To accomplish these goals, SLIP is structured to prepare the Interns for the rigor of their six-week work experience and to educate them about important aspects of the legal system. Prior to beginning their spoke to the Interns were exceptional. Our guest speakers this year were: Thank you. Thank you guys, for truly changing my life. I feel like this program is my testimony, because going into this program I felt defeated. I allowed my negative thoughts to scare me from seeing my true potential, I thought that the other kids were smarter than me. I thought I wasn't capable, and it showed all over my attitude and the words that came out of my mouth. The Atlanta Bar Association internship pushed me off of a ledge and I was forced to learn how to fly (I mean that in the best way possible), entering into the orientations and hearing how the leaders believed in every last one of us, no matter where we came from, our skin color, sex, religion etc. I would recommend this internship to anyone, it is a once- in-a-lifetime phenomenal experience ... but only if you're truly ready to receive it. • Paula Frederick, Esq. • Tori Silas, Esq. • Roma Amin, Esq. • Karolina Majewski, Esq. • Harold Franklin, Jr., Esq. • Dean Monique McCarthy • Prof. Margaret H. Vath • DeMark Liggins • Kameisha Binns, Esq. • Robert Augustin, Rising 3L at University of South Carolina School of Law • Andrew Boyer and Courtney Taylor, Former Interns and Rising 2L at Georgia State University College of Law • Shadaisa Wilcox, Rising 3L at Mercer University School of Law I would recommend this internship to anyone, it is a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenal experience! summer internships, the Interns attended four mandatory Orientation sessions that focused on important topics such as client confidentiality, professionalism, punctuality, attention to detail, and attire. Once the six-week internships commenced, interns were required to attend mandatory weekly meetings. During these weekly meetings, interns discussed their internship experiences, various legal topics, and relevant current events. The interns were introduced to the “Socratic Method” and required to give extensive oral presentations to become more comfortable with public speaking. The interns also completed written enrichment (which is called “homework” during the regular school year) and took Progress Tests to assess their knowledge. During the summer, interns heard remarks from several guest speakers, including lawyers, law students, former SLIP interns, and SLIP supporters. As in previous years, the Guest Speakers who we are for the tremendous support of Atlanta’s lawyers and legal organizations. In one such letter, an intern wrote: We continued our tradition of having the interns write a 750-word essay on a topical legal issue as part of the Terrence Croft Essay Competition. This year’s competition was on the Supreme Court of Georgia’s 2017 decision in Henry County Board of Education v. S.G., No. S16G1700. The interns wrote outstanding essays that explored the factual and legal issues underlying the case. Our 2019 interns thoroughly enjoyed the mock law school class Professor Maggie Vath conducted at the Georgia State University College of Law on June 26, 2019. The interns were subjected to the Socratic Method and very much enjoyed the robust discussion and law school library tour with Professor Vath after the class. We are thankful to Professor Vath for generously sharing her expertise and time with SLIP. Each year, we receive several wonderful letters from interns at the conclusion of the Program that remind us of the importance of our efforts and how grateful A byproduct of the internship program is that it motivates interns to consider becoming lawyers. Numerous former Interns have become attorneys and are practicing in the Atlanta area. We are also delighted that several of our former interns are in law school and in the pipeline to become attorneys. This year, we have three former Interns starting law school. Thirty- three (33) former interns have either graduated from law school or are currently enrolled in law school. We have nine former interns attending law school this Fall. In order to expand our support for Interns who aspire to become attorneys, in 2016, we launched the Highest Heights Forever Initiative, a $100,000 fundraising effort to provide financial support to former interns taking LSAT preparation classes and/or Bar Review classes. To date, the Initiative has raised over $75,000 and has provided funds to sixteen former Interns (4 Bar Review; 12 LSAT Prep). Our ultimate goal will be to provide 80% of the costs of these courses for our Interns. Currently, we are providing approximately 50% of such costs. Thank you to everyone who dedicated their time and support to the 2019 Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program. It was a summer to remember. We are planning already hard for 2020 – at work SLIP 28! THE ATLANTA LAWYER 19