The Art Of Beauty & Well-being Issue 11 2016 - Page 47

The photos and the video can be viewed at Prints of John Londono’s photos will also be displayed in the DUBUC store on St. Pierre Street, in Old Montreal. Suspended in time John Londono’s images convey a raw, urban masculinity, and at the same time a A much awaited collaboration The DUBUC team had been hoping to work with Londono for quite some time and the images born from this collaboration show just how great of an idea this was. The sharp black and white contrasts in the prints move the clothing to the background and perfectly express the mood of the last collection. “The pictures were taken during timeless feel that makes the collection all the more classic. The runway takes you on a road trip; models cruise along the broken yellow line, Londono’s lens pointing at them through the rear window of a car. Up and down the asphalt-like runway, the dominant black presence in DUBUC’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection strikes out from a background of headlights. the show for our Fall/Winter collection In Londono’s video, the motionless models at BMW Canbec,” says Philippe Dubuc. appear and disappear in a flash, before “John was in charge of capturing the making room for the designer. In only a few mood—a road, the night, city traffic. The seconds, the collection’s entire essence is result embodies exactly what I wanted to expressed, this time in colour. A few words on John Londono Born in Venezuela from Colombian parents, John Londono has been living in Quebec since a very young age. Ever since his teenage years, he has been determined to become a photographer. His natural talent for taking pictures confirmed this vocation. After having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, John became an assistant to reputable photographic artists before attracting attention through his portraits, his very intimate images and his inspiring and unique manipulation of black and white. communicate.” the art of beauty & well-being 47