The Art Of Beauty & Well-being Issue 11 2016 - Page 41

Exfoliation Hydration Moving down the body the focus of the During the final stages of the ritual, stresses ritual turns to the feet to revitalise the skin drift away and peace is restored to body and moisturise a part of the body which and mind. The front of the body is massaged is often overlooked. The Ushvani Papaya including the face, warm oils are applied Scrub is applied to the feet to exfoliate, to the hair and scalp and a gentle massage refresh and condition the skin. Special ensures that these areas are fully and attention is paid to the soles and heels of richly moisturised. Ideal for preparing and the feet soothing dry and cracked areas. maintaining a glow throughout the winter The Ushvani Papaya Scrub contains nutrient months, the Ushvani Restoration Ritual rich papaya oil, moisturizing coconut and offers a uniquely hydrating experience. cocoa butter to cleanse and smooth the skin. The removal of the scrub using hot The Ushvani Restoration Ritual lasts for 90 mitts softens the skin, leaving lasting results Minutes and costs £200. and a release of tension in the lower body. For more information on Ushvani please visit or for bookings call 02077302888.